The integration of the nternet industry heavyweights new business direction increasing weapon

[Abstract] the original Internet industry has gradually become a traditional industry. So, entrepreneurial opportunities will really be giants joint strangling


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on December 17th

2015 is China Internet industry consolidation mergers violently for a year, from the beginning of the 58 market drops fast merge, merge, merge, and then to the end of the United States delegation comment on acquisition of Ali Youku potatoes, holding a number of Ctrip where, after the integration of the new company in the rapid emergence of.

at the same time, BAT is rapidly staking, especially in the Internet Chinese Ali bought almost half of the country, and the tentacles of the media, recently to more than HK $2 billion acquisition of the "South China Morning Post", and even rumors of the next step is to buy sina.

this makes a lot of Internet entrepreneurs feel worried, worried about the growing influence of China’s Internet giants, and even the emergence of the Internet monopoly, inhibit SME innovation. This topic is in the days before the Wuzhen World Conference on the Internet also triggered heated discussion.

Baidu CEO Robin Li on the phenomenon that the integration of the industry is behind everyone aware of the long-term large-scale burn mode can not be sustained, however, the development of the mobile Internet industry does not end, still in a relatively early stage.

mobile Internet industry will have a lot of new technologies, business models come out, there will be a variety of opportunities." Robin Li comfort entrepreneurs said, we do not worry about the integration of the Internet industry will stifle future technological innovation.

millet CEO Lei Jun (micro-blog) also pointed out, do not worry about the emergence of China’s Internet oligarchs, to pay attention to how to strengthen the control of unfair competition, maintaining market order. Not wrong, wrong is unfair competition in the use of large, this is the need to control the object.


line of Internet bigwigs to entrepreneurs weapon, namely how the integration of the Internet industry in the era of entrepreneurship. Lei Jun believes that the next ten years there are air outlets in the direction of the two, namely the rural Internet and enterprise applications. VR, 3D printing technology is also worth looking forward to.

Legend Holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi believes that the next 5 years, artificial intelligence, health and other areas of health and the effect of combining the Internet will not be limited. NOKIA chairman Li Situo believes that the digital health industry will be a huge breakthrough in the next 10 years.

why the Internet industry in 2015 to produce a serious integration

2015 Internet industry consolidation so intense, behind what is the reason behind


CEO (micro-blog) group Jingdong Liu Qiangdong told the Tencent said, this is the inevitable development of the industry, the past 3 years, the Internet enterprise financing is too easy, often come up with 80 yuan to subsidize, but you can get 100 yuan of investment, enterprise valuation is also more and more high.

"over the past 3 years China’s Internet development is crazy"

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