Shenzhen is expected to rank among the world’s first passenger City

in the world’s 34 first-line passenger City, Shenzhen will occupy a place. Yesterday, sponsored by Shenzhen city government guidance, Futian District international open source Conference International Conference on circular economy, the economic cycle of ShenZhen Railway Station hosted the Shenzhen open source innovation laboratory in Finland Design Park officially started, Shenzhen city and Futian District leaders and nearly 300 overseas guests attended the launching ceremony.

Futian District mayor Wang Qiang speech said, Futian District will strive to create a service environment, support the construction of the international market forces maxspace, creating development support measures will be introduced this year, the introduction of preferential policies in the rental, hardware construction, environmental facilities, personnel and other aspects of the team.

Conference on "modular, open source digital manufacturing Fablab2.0" as the theme, a total of five major sections: the international open source of circular economy conference launching ceremony, ShenZhen Railway Station international digital manufacturing development trend of the theme of the report, open source hardware innovation achievements demonstration, customer project Fablab 2 digital manufacturing workshop and consumer electronics recycling theme JAM to discuss, and training on the Fablab 2 stage of digital manufacturing and open cycle topic.

international conference is a source of circular economy to explore open innovation and circular economy global event co sponsored by the London International Fab Lab and Germany open innovation mechanism, has assembled a 34 city including London, Germany, Berlin, France, the United States of Chicago Paris, the formation of an international collaborative innovation network, and in June 11th at the same time to 15 days around the world held open innovation activities, and on-line real time sharing of each city site activities.

the conference will be based on the local characteristics of the industrial chain of ShenZhen Railway Station, from the Shenzhen open innovation laboratory director Li Dawei, Shenzhen City Urban Design Promotion Center Fu Na to share discussion about the hot Shenzhen Huaqiang North copycat culture and consumer electronics recycling, and real-time connection with 34 international city, launched a global dialogue to discuss how will the mode of open source and recycling economy joined the Shenzhen intelligent hardware industry chain, and to achieve the "copycat" to "innovation transformation brand" upgrade.

International Conference on economic cycle of ShenZhen Railway Station launch

open source held yesterday in Shenzhen, the first FabLab Shenzhen open innovation laboratory officially opened, marking the Shenzhen Futian among the international highland hit off the first phalanx.

Shenzhen open innovation lab, including open innovation center, venture accelerator and FabLab2.0 R & D and manufacture of three functional blocks. Li Dawei, director of the laboratory, laboratory will pass five plate activities to the general public to show it can provide low cost manufacturing experiment environment, providing a platform for creating the project creation, and the popularity of digital manufacturing, production automation to the citizens’ concept, let a guest culture everywhere.

it is understood that the Shenzhen open innovation laboratory is sponsored by the Institute for the future, Shanghai hit off the big bang (by Intel.

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