Business hall for fun items listed on the new board a loss of 18 million 485 thousand and 300 yuan l


technology news news July 1st, June 29th, the domestic business hall fun supplies released "public transfer instructions" (hereinafter referred to as the "manual"). According to the instructions, the hall will issue 16 million 712 thousand and 668 shares, par value of 1 yuan.

according to the instructions, spring hall business is operating reproductive health industry vertical e-commerce platform; own brand development, reproductive health and medical intelligent hardware series products of domestic and international sales of hardware and intelligent user App big data platform operation. Among them, the company’s own brand to intelligent hardware, the company responsible for the design and development of hardware and software development, is responsible for the production of generation business; agency brands include international well-known brands of health supplies and non health supplies.

1-2 month operating income

hall in 2014, 2015 and 2016 were 18 million 485 thousand and 300 yuan, 40 million 577 thousand yuan, 3 million 796 thousand and 700, net profit was -1124.62 million, -1848.53 million, -112.56 million yuan.

, the main business income was 18 million 349 thousand and 600 yuan, 4053,67 million and $6 million 75 thousand and 800, respectively, accounting for operating income of 99.27% and 99.98%.

, which accounted for 58.73% of sales in 2014, accounting for sales agents in the year of 2015, accounting for more than in the month of 2016, accounting for more than 1-2 in the month of. And its own brand in 2015 revenues of 13 million 866 thousand and 200 yuan, accounting for 34.21% of total revenue.

chunshuitang sales revenue mainly through online sales, online revenue during the reporting period, the company’s total revenue accounted for 97%, 98.16% and 98.10%, a higher proportion of.

, however, this seemingly huge profits in the interests of the industry is actually in the whole industry in the plight of the loss (not to sell fakes). Displayed in the hall of the manual, rival lovers health the most serious losses, from 2013 to May 2015 were at a loss, the data were -7321.43 million, -2972.28 million, -1136.94 million yuan. Chunshuitang; loss of 18 million 485 thousand and 300 yuan last year, 2014 losses of -1124.62 yuan; his interest (seal information) in 2013, 903 thousand and 600 yuan loss, 2014 loss of 2 million 50 thousand and 400 yuan, down 8 million 818 thousand yuan in January 2015 to 9. (Wang Shang)

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