The last lesson before the start there is a beautiful name of continuous entrepreneurial failure

a businessman ten years ago by 800 thousand in Shenzhen sold his house in Nanshan District, entrepreneurship by 1629, after 10 years of hard struggle, he finally made a millionaire for himself, and earned 4 million when he sold the house to buy back…

today’s entrepreneurs difficult, although the national entrepreneurship boom after another, some people get rich overnight million net worth, but the vast majority of people after a little income, is likely to stand still, even lose everything.


entrepreneurship is not only a good idea, but also a multi dimensional critical process

you have seen after 90, 95, even after the CEO of 98.

they are currently young entrepreneurs the main force, the majority have good ideas and energy, also can meet connected partners and entrepreneurial dream team in the University, stunning, but the idea is not mature enough.

entrepreneurship is not so simple, it is not a beginning, but a painful process seems to have no end. In this process, you will experience some unexpected difficulties, risks, accidents, these negative obstacles can not be solved by the blood of the struggle. It is the need for more entrepreneurs in the community network, the real available resources, background and see essence through the phenomenon of insight, these people can not give, take 5 years or even 10 years of slow accumulation, entrepreneurs need to fill their own experience, step by step to step out of the road. 30 or even more than 40 of entrepreneurs are still unable to resist the lack of resources to compete, just out of the campus and even out of school children, and how to use the knowledge on the books to deduce the market changes?

the vast majority of young people only see the entrepreneurial aura, but underestimated the difficulty of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not a bright applause of the moment, in contrast, is one of difficulties and hardships, road resistance and long struggle, it needs to invest a lot of manpower and material resources and time, to be completely ready to fail.

venture is a kind of investment, choose their own way, kneeling to finish

had a Tencent veteran quit business, will be very valuable Tencent shares discount as start-up capital, entrepreneurial profits and bought a nice car, he was very happy with the Tencent, other friends said: "a struggle just bought a car, if still retain the shares of the Tencent, you now you can buy a plane."

Now many people love

, a result of heroes, only focus on entrepreneurship eventually earned no money, "belated effort" way to talk about the wrong, in fact this is irresponsible. Each individual business people have a dream of success, as a risk factor of high investment, this is a decision to go, who do not know their own entrepreneurial path right, are in groping forward. Different from the "barefoot shoes are not afraid of young people, with capital entrepreneurs more ideal and tragic, he gave up.

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