A picture tells you the 20 causes of death

Abstract failing to find the market is the most common method of startups, covering 42% of new companies.

TNW Chinese station on September 26th reported

The development of science and technology change

industry, can be described as "the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach". In the Internet business boom, there are a large number of companies will disappear after burn soundless and stirless risk investment.

what are some of the reasons for the failure of these new technology companies, and it must be of great value to young entrepreneurs who have entrepreneurial dreams?.

recently, the U.S. technology market research firm CB Insights analyzed the failure of 101 technology start-ups, summed up the 20 common causes of death, and made a chart.

The research firm

analyzed the reasons for the failure of the 101 companies, in addition to the relevant enterprises also invited the founder or investor, through the readme, summed up the experience and lessons, provide a reference.

According to

, the 20 most common cause of death is that products and services are not found in the market, covering up to 42% of new companies (each of which may include multiple causes of death).

a lot of technology entrepreneurs to have technology or market judgment results in too confident, "behind closed doors" in product design, it does not meet the needs of users, the failure of the. Not only is a new company, Google (micro-blog) such giants, will make mistakes behind closed doors.

For example, Google

engineer, had developed a spherical music player Nexus Q to control the intelligent mobile phone, which is Google’s first hardware, allegedly this player, can play the music in the mobile phone home guests. However, due to the function does not meet the needs of the market, the player has not yet started the sale was terminated, a painful lesson for Google hardware development.

smart watch recently become a hot industry, but also a considerable number of analysts pointed out that a large number of manufacturers of smart watches, is in the development of a nonexistent user needs wrist equipment ", they think, many smart watches just repeat intelligent mobile phone function, but is exempt from the pocket mobile phone" the trouble, lack of killer applications allow users to buy "". Despite the influx of a large number of manufacturers, but the smart watches can form a similar smartphone and tablet such a big market, is still an unknown.

CB Insights analysis of the second causes of death is cash burn (accounting for 29%), less than the follow-up funds. Coincidentally, the recent well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalist Anderson (Netscape founder) said that many new technology companies today burn at an alarming rate, these companies will be a big part of evaporation, it is also a display of the Silicon Valley has gathered a new round of the technology bubble risk.

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