Make the use of local small Skynet earn thousand different days

do GG know if it is to do a foreign language station, then click on the price is very high, is a few times or even a few times a click, a click over a few dollars a lot. Site is not difficult to do, but it is difficult in the promotion and publicity, if you are a SEO expert, do this good. But the domestic SEO skills in foreign countries are not all generic, but also to learn the foreign SEO technology.

in addition to SEO, in fact, can do the same as the bulk of the domestic propaganda, but it is necessary to understand some foreign language, or difficult to engage in. Because the tools and web sites are foreign. You can also do a lot of foreign mail, in the United States, mail group is a legitimate industry, there is a special opening of the studio to do a group of foreigners, the day is the amount of millions of millions of hair. Do bulk sales of products is not very good, but it is still very strong click.

use the geographical differences reflected in many ways, but if it is only in China, then the effect is not very large, because the interoperability of the network. But if it is abroad, it is easier because of the language barrier. Estimated at eighty percent of users are not foreign web sites? So it can have a brilliant future, such as YouTube video website to download some popular video, and then sent to the domestic video network, this is the original, there is no domestic, click rate is very high.

for example, you can buy a Japanese space, do a Japanese website, you can do color station, in Japan to do color stand legal, the country will not be someone who cares about you. However, Japan is estimated that the color of the heap, a foreigner to go there to grab business estimates is difficult. But you can do a common site, understand the point of optimization techniques, and then hang up GG advertising, income is very impressive. Language is not a barrier, can be translated, the key is to optimize the good, can draw natural flow, site source Baidu search, to find the optimization is conducive to the need to find me.

because China is a developing country, purchasing power is generally low, especially in the Internet, consumer awareness is not very strong. In recent years, a lot of good, but foreign is different, shopping on the Internet has been a part of life, especially in the United States and other developed countries. So a capable friend can also be a foreign trade website, and then to do foreign trade business, earn foreign exchange is also good. To know that in the eyes of foreigners, Chinese goods are very cheap, in China to sell a few dollars of tea in the United States can sell dozens of dollars. However, very strong operability, to understand the site optimization, in foreign countries to buy traffic is very expensive, if you do have to buy traffic risk.

in the seclusion of the ancient China, Chinese is not self-sufficient, the outside world is in circulation. In fact, for now, on the Internet we know little about foreign countries. Like the domestic blog, SNS community, micro-blog and other concepts are introduced foreign ideas. For example, Renren, formerly known as the campus network, is to imitate the successful experience of foreign countries have been. These seem large, but if the first master Wangzhuan, some new methods of the new skills >

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