To do good work must first sharpen his tools Wangzhuan list commonly used tool

"climb the move, arm lengthening, and see far; the wind, the disease also add sound, and told Zhang; Yu Ma sham, non-profit foot, and thousands of miles; false vessels, non water can also, and the vast rivers. A gentleman is not born, but also a good thing." Xunzi "

" scholarship

whether it is industrial or network, good things can sometimes be played in the 42 dial the effect of thousands of pounds. Archimedes said: "give me a fulcrum, I can move the earth". Use all available resources (of course, within the scope of the law), play well, use well, you will succeed!!

now stand more than N, everyone wants to make money, the same goal. Ha ha…… Familiar with my friends all know my idea: money is not saved, but earned. How to make money on the Internet? Of course, the use of tools. This period of time, the tools on the network were analyzed and compared to give them a row of weapons spectrum:

a, QQ

ranked QQ in the first place is not controversial. QQ users 340 million, this huge audience with no one can match the advantages. How to use QQ to make money?

1, hang QQ chat room software. From this a long time ago people used, is to use the man to see the beauty in the chat room (not necessarily beautiful, as long as the mother), will take the initiative to talk to her, see her, and finally into the webmaster to bring him into the site to get traffic, in order to achieve the purpose of making money. Now the QQ chat room is very difficult to do the advertising QQ, has been upgraded many times, a computer can only open a chat room. Only open a chat room can not come how many people, can not earn any money. How to do it? QQ chat room to open the software at this time useful. A name we all know, this is a computer can be opened in a N chat room software. What? What are you talking about? Oh, you mean in the chat room now, as long as the QQ information in the web site on the T, advertising on the black room?…… This hang chat room also has the skill, today said it will take a method, the name was elegant, but to see that this is not a man; do not appear in any advertising and related text data; set to allow anyone to add as a friend, and then linked to the chat room an estimated 1000 people to be friends with you, and your personal information to modify the signature — advertising kazakhstan. You say hang so much QQ, is to remind you of the news will make the computer crash. This is a good question, but is the primary, you use Baidu Search how to solve it, what should I say will be exhausted. Method two: in addition to set up a friend to answer questions in order to add friends. What is the problem? First is of course your website problems, such as: video chat network www.*****.com host is? What is democracy? Completely collapsed, this also don’t understand you don’t look down.

2, QQ Dating Center Automatic login. Everyone knows QQ Dating Center in every city’s home page >

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