Wang Xing readme entrepreneurship is what a close call


met with Wang Xing a few minutes ago, Tencent shares public comment.

survived the winter capital, group purchase website but have changed. Wang Xing suddenly found those who strike violently rivals become familiar with, handle network loss of power in Wu Bo infighting, 24 coupons off the site, Du Yinan Shen Boyang Chen Yizhou sold in the sticky web site, Feng Xiaohai left the full commitment of suning…… The other side of the ocean and the group purchase industry is not too much, Groupon after the earnings announcement, the stock price fell two consecutive times, long time no profit dilemma let us group is suffering in the originator.

In addition to this, today’s group buying industry has been separated from the definition of the definition of the industry in 2010 to buy when the rise of the rise, many buy site will be defined as the local life of e-commerce services

. This change is called the return of the group, there is a saying that this is the most traditional O2O.

likes to climb the mountain Wang Xing found that he is no longer facing the opponent to buy peers, but those who tried to enter the field of Internet giants O2O. In these giant crazy attack, how the U.S. group will protect the original O2O position, in addition to mature restaurants, movie tickets, super will be the object of the group. In addition, life service area of the United States Mission and Tencent how the public comment for the competition? The key problem is that the United States Mission in time is not profitable group purchase, now in the face of these giants of the impact, how long can the capital chain of U.S. support


this year, is the tenth consecutive year of Wang Xing, in the school is not too successful and no meal after the United States, the United States mission to allow Wang to achieve their own value. But in the view of Wang Xing, the United States Mission network is undertaking a new venture.

from thousands to my regiment

Wang Xing rarely left the book, he even bought three Kindle. "Big history", this is the latest reading list on Wang’s name, this book is about the world within the scope of powers alternation, the right to speak in the world from Spain to France and then to Britain, the United States finally to now.

These stories look like

group purchase site of their ups and downs, the group purchase website 24 stamps, a took billions of dollars of venture capital, more than 5000 employees of the company, suddenly died. Such a scene in 2012 to buy the industry is not uncommon, almost all of the group buying sites are suffering in the survival or transformation. Even live in the shuffle a few did not escape the giants. The United States Mission in the start-up time is difficult, not good at change Wang Xingluo behind the handle, rice or even cool group, 24 tickets, this is not a good day. September 2010, the U.S. group received more than $10 million level of venture capital, the source is to give up the Sequoia capital.

but the capital did not allow the United States to become better days of the group, followed by the capital of the winter and the concept of stock risk

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