99 new year promotional Bookstore


99 online bookstore promotion started! Spring super coupon: over 119 yuan to send 39 yuan

activity time: January 24, 2008 to

activity rules:

1, the amount of the purchase amount of $119 to reduce the order of $8.8.

2, also receive 9.9 yuan 1 and 20 yuan coupons general gift coupons 1.

3, general 9.9 yuan coupons over 119 yuan deductible 20 yuan, with 100 yuan gift vouchers deductible (buy gift orders may have books and other products, but must meet the gift shopping amounted to 100 yuan).

4, 9.9 yuan and 20 yuan gift coupons coupons general in February 5, 2008 will join the eligible membership account.

5, 9.9 yuan and 20 yuan gift coupons coupons general use period: February 6, 2008 to February 20th.

activity URL:

99 Bookstore support custom links, welcome to the main site to continue to support the 99read CPS




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