Owners who will protect the interests of advertising alliance CPS

With the help of

e-commerce Dongfeng, advertising alliance CPS heady, the majority of owners are in effect in marketing. According to the effect of pay, in theory, is a win situation for three parties, but the lovely webmaster, your interests have been maintained it?

done before the foreign CJ, CB, never thought CPS would also have a buckle quantity, this is a win-win marketing plan, believe that no one will deduct the amount of reason, advertisers pay according to the results, the alliance to receive a commission, the Commission owners get through successful orders. I am very optimistic about this marketing model. Used to CJ, CB sales, time to think in the heady domestic electronic commerce, a domestic league CPS, the chilling effect! Not unhappy, it is not a good marketing products, the key question will actually appear in the enterprise good faith.

domestic CPS alliance in the presence of loopholes in the mechanism, which directly led to the emergence of the amount of buckle. Existing several major advertising alliance in the CPS are basically committed, CPS does not exist only possible deduction of single. To tell the truth, this is not responsible for the commitment, let us take a closer look at the actual flow of CPS alliance now!

Adsense through the alliance to get the success of the order of the order to track the results of the alliance to advertisers to confirm the results of the Commission to return to the advertising alliance Commission Commission

this is the key link: advertisers to confirm the results. This link directly affects the income of the owners, but it is precisely the key link can not be guaranteed. Based on the integrity of the enterprise, the advertising alliance can only track the order. Payment, and other aspects of the signing of the advertising business data is entirely, advertising alliance is not open. This is a direct result of the consequences of the amount of advertisers, the owners do not have any way to get the certificate to prove that this order is completed.

can be seen by the majority of owners income based entirely on the integrity of the advertisers, advertisers can not the integrity of the buckle quantity, painful is: many webmaster is in money for advertisers to promote their products. In exchange for such an outcome, we have to say that the environment is not mature. Let people feel


in order to protect the interests of the majority of webmaster friends, we should stand up, dare to expose these companies do not have morality. I now encountered a similar problem, is in a positive way and the alliance and advertisers to communicate, I believe many of the owners encountered this situation have chosen to give up. In dealing with the serious behavior deduction amount, thank linktech customer service, always with a positive.

I would like to tell the alliance is: the majority of the webmaster is your resources, not to protect the interests of the owners, advertising alliance can not be a great development. There is no huge webmaster group, advertisers will not choose you! About the amount of detailed evidence, after the event to deal with, to give you a confession. We also give a method of rights


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