How to make money by Blogging

said Web2.0 products though each Internet Co won popularity but there is also difficult to achieve profitability shortcomings, especially the products of such blog how to achieve profitability is the first problem to be solved. Many people believe and have witnessed the new weather brought Chinese blog of the Internet, let the public gradually develop a habit to write the log online also makes a large number of grassroots writers are familiar to the public. But some bloggers are hoping to make their own blog to earn some money also does not waste myself so hard even for the codeword creation, is to earn a little extra money anyway. Here, we have been said by the blog to make money.

but, first of all, we must understand the difference between several existing domestic blog products. Chinese blog (Blogcn) blog has a certain amount of user groups, but these users are often more love writing essays and other emotional words, and recommended the channel poor blog commercial utilization rate is not high. It can even be said that the Chinese blog and several other blog products that it represents are relatively strong and low public offering of products, which only provide services to users but did not take advantage of these resources. Public higher Sina blog, plus the classified channel recommendation, and professional writers are more comments covering the most popular degree is the highest, then use blog more widely. Some people even commented that Sina blog as a representative of several blog products are emerging media. Sohu’s blog is indeed adhered to its grassroots purpose, but it is just such grassroots shows its people, the whole is mediocre or even not too much for the majority of Internet users in the writers. Sohu blog may just be sandwiched between Sina blog and Chinese blog, there is still room for the development of commercial utilization.

now we talk about the blog is often the first to think of Sina blog, because the blog in the popularity of Chinese Internet users are mostly due to the celebrity effect of sina blog. But in fact, Sina blog in the Sina portal matrix has become a channel of third traffic, but its profitability has been in an awkward position. Because the blog service in attracting users at the same time taking only advertising on the channel instead of advertising links in each textnote blog page, so it only depends on the specific page advertising revenue is really too small. Web2.0 blog that its advantage lies in its personalized, founder of its content is the blog author rather than any site itself, is not convenient for service providers to textnote advertising, especially as China blog (Blogcn) blog. This means that the high click rate of blog authors can make use of their own blog advertising to make money without being harassed by service providers.

first of all, the banner of the blog home page and the connection bar are the first choice for advertising. Users who are used to blogging are also often used to click on the links on those blogs, because everyone will use them as a site or service recommended by the blogger

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