Traveler network off from bondage to the Tencent investment Lei Jun 6 years of hard work

Chinese Internet is curious and changeful, as changeable as clouds and rain, people find opportunities in which turned the upstart, some people lost in the spotlight where how many ups and downs of the story.


2004, on behalf of CNETChina on acquisition of hummingbird network, when Party A.

2008, I took the angel investment founder Lei Jun traveler network, when Party B.

2011, I put my own traveler network sold to Tencent, when the C.

in 2014, in the big adjustment of the Tencent electricity supplier, I travel in the management of Tencent business, Tencent investment as the same way with the conditions attached to the same process, when Ding fang.

Tencent signed a separation agreement, from 08 to 14, off 6 years of hard work. The feeling of star sank, the rain in Heyuan. Ambiguous is fresh or disappointed.

in the past ten years have past, yibingding, are equipped with time and pass through, experience in the body, I think is two words "vision" and "decision".


from a new workplace started cruising in the society, the first win in power and energy. Then lose the vision and decision-making power.

we began to decide which company to join, and who to marry, then decide which price to buy a large number of positions in which stocks. Then decide what kind of career to start, and how to come to an end.

first of all the quality and ability are similar, again and again after the decision, everyone’s path, vision, resources, energy vary.

hummingbird team, the hummingbird network is a right decision to sell cnet. This story has lasted for 10 years, there is more space.

I decided to start a business is a blind decision.

Lei Jun investment my business, is a conscious decision.

I sold the site to the Tencent is a reflection of the decision.

Tencent decided in the megasporocyte, all are incorporated into the dinghy fleet, is a strategic decision.

I decided not to join the new fleet, a decision is left empty handed.

"Norway forest", Dubian asked Ze, why bother. Forever Ze said: "I have this ability, the side is always the opportunity, why not try."

my entrepreneurial decisions are so reckless and opportunistic.

used to make decisions in a day, and one to six years.

but why Lei Jun will support my head? I haven’t asked him. Lei can tell more heartwarming words than Wen Jiabao, prime minister, I look up the brain is good.

I prefer to believe that the answer is

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