AdSense referrals can also be managed using the unit

today in the background to see Google AdSense, referrals can be used to manage the advertising function.

in the advertising section, select the promotion, in the choice of the product you want to promote, will generate a AdSense unit. This part is the same as the previous content advertising unit can be used to manage the advertising function, the generated AdSense referral unit, can also be managed in advertising, and access to the code.

The so-called "

advertising management" section, can be modified to promote products including, it is said that you can replace the promotion of products, can also choose to display only image ads, and set up a custom channel, or adjust the color of the text block, not only can modify the ad is a format, is not the size of the variable.

This makes the promotion on the improvement of

is more convenient, especially in the promotion of Chinese products is relatively small, but not stable, sometimes a promotion of advertisers, I do not know when to quit, then released, there is no need to modify the code on the page, as long as the AdSense in the background of "management function, advertising" looking for a suitable replacement can promote products.

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