Handle network was Jinsha River venture capital loans, such as $5 million

ChinaVenture Beijing time on June 17th news, the domestic group buying site handle network president Wu Bo recently revealed that the hands of the network recently won the Jinsha River venture capital and other $5 million financing.

handle network marketing director Zheng Bin said, received a $5 million bridge loan financial loan interest is not expensive, but investors provide free financial loans, the first round of financing three investors in Taishan, European angel investment group purchase website Daily the founder of Deal, were involved in the Jinsha River venture capital finance loans, the Jinsha River venture capital mainly, the financing will be used to promote the day after. Industry analysts believe that the first round of financing hand net has sold 30%-40% stake in the second round of financing options to use the way of financial borrowing, the future is to prevent excessive dilution of equity.

handle network recently announced the acquisition of angel investment from Taishan, the European group buying site Daily Deal founder and Jinsha River invested $5 million A round of financing. Completed two rounds of financing in a very short period of time, the cumulative lashou has received $10 million in venture capital. In this regard, Wu Bo explained that investors believe that in the near future in terms of promotion, the greater the rate of return of the handle network, so decided to add additional financial support for the site".

handle network expansion speed is amazing. The June 4th acquisition of the Xi’an native handle network group purchase website group Lele, domestic group purchase the first acquisition event, 10 days to complete the first round of financing, became the first to obtain financing group purchase website was opened at the same time; 100 of the city group purchase station. Promotion of the last stage of Wu Bo said mainly refers to the 100 station lose 1 yuan and iPad pumping, and some in the Beijing subway for user registration and other activities to attract bikinis. The industry believes that the network is willing to invest in the hands of investors may be concerned with the size and timing of financing it needs.

the high-profile move industry also attracted criticism, dangerous insiders said the great leap forward in the eye at the same time also fail to earn, and more lawyers handle network group purchase -1 yuan iPad "suspected of misleading consumers.

handle network imitation object Groupon valuation has reached $1 billion 300 million, known as the history of the United States, the craziest Internet Co. According to statistics, the domestic buy site tide began to appear in February of this year, in 4 to reach a peak in June, the total number in the current 300 to 400. Although the industry veteran, such as Li Kaifu, Hu Yanping, said that this is not optimistic about the model, but the industry has been nearly crazy to buy, venture capitalists who are bound to be not indifferent to this risk of investment in the market. Wu Bo had previously said that for the handle network, the worst is that it may take two to three years to earn money, he estimated that the company needs to maintain the operation of at least $10 million. Through two rounds of financing, the network is required to get the hands of the funds, but the success of the winter, still need to wait and see.

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