Comrade website owners do four years of suffering and tired

see you write a lot about their webmaster experience, there are a lot of sympathy and feelings. Think of yourself as a webmaster this four or five years of life experience, too much suffering and tired, the result is not satisfactory. To write their own spiritual growth do it, for the novice webmaster webmaster experience a little story, also hope to be able to get you a lot of comments.

start: impulse, everyone behind a mountain!

"behind every person there is a mountain" – when Ang Lee’s film "Brokeback Mountain" and don’t know who is mentioned, then become hot, in fact, students career I have contact webmaster circles for nearly a year. Always wanted to do a web site, A5, behind every day wandering in the forum to find ideas, but do not know what kind of theme is good. I heard Comrade do website is good, look at a lot of post, found that although mentioned type of website stationmaster comrades, but scanty people do, most prefer to do beauty station and do comrades station.

in Baidu search "comrade", "GAY", "gay", it is all some of the interface is very simple, no content of imitation of 123 navigation station, but its website IP query is up to tens of thousands of original type site! Comrades so unpopular but so popular. He was very excited and wanted to get started. Because I think I can do better than their interface, to provide a richer content!

young, a hot head, snapadoo! When he spent a few dollars in Taobao bought top-level domain, the Russian life domain, then by virtue of their English can, in Google search found a free PHP host called T35 space, then those comrades site navigation page to Baidu search for comprehensive change color, layout, put up.


site is finally built up, put the 51LA statistics and CNZZ statistics, just in some forums, blog ah, QQ space inside the hair site, a few times I feel a little tired, just put on the matter.

development: traffic surge, confidence doubled, willing to spend capital upgrade space

Go to the school computer room

one night, inadvertently open traffic statistics, found that people visit their! Do not believe a bit, and the site was Baidu included, but also ranked very near the top! Baidu search "GAY website" first home page page. This is no doubt gave me a great encouragement, but also let me on the first official into the webmaster of this industry!

after more time on my room, the room is not very old machine although liquid crystal, but very cheap 1 dollars per hour to 2, outside the school Cafe 1/2! Then I basically do not have to study every night on the Internet: "make room learning, and how to apply the website upload how to apply for a free domain name, overseas space >

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