Google AdSense after stopping the webmaster face several choices

Recently, Google

is left to make raise a Babel of criticism of the. We don’t argue who is right and who is wrong, don’t be sad. Today we will discuss, if Google really gone, really from the hard work we do stand grassroots. So what should we choose? Analysis down there are the following, we look at how I write, welcome message exchange.

the first choice, if Adsense really go, a lot of webmaster will face the first choice: give up the webmaster occupation, find his way. Faced with this choice should be more webmaster. Because a lot of people, including myself, have long been accustomed to the way to make money Adsense, accustomed to the Adsense is not high not low advertising unit price. If Adsense really gone, so many webmasters will sink. The most direct choice is to abandon the station and go. So, if you are the first type of person, the following options can not read. Of course, if you insist on this down, ha ha, congratulations to you, and a winter passed, your career and more than a foot.

second options, we choose and Adsense similar alliance. This is Baidu. Because at present, although Baidu trash, but no advertising alliance is better than him, at least in the country. So stick to the first class, there will be a large number of people turned to Baidu alliance. Oh, here to predict, it is estimated that when the Baidu union account is certainly high, because it is not a good account of the Baidu alliance. So if you have the ability to apply for multiple accounts of the webmaster, you might as well start hoarding from now on, when you can make a pen. This is the second group of people who stick to the bottom, turn to Baidu. As I began to Wangzhuan, ready to put on the Baidu advertising alliance. But now has not applied for, ha ha, if there is any webmaster to sell Baidu account, then I can support your business ah.

third choices, full-time to do Taobao. Don’t look down on Taobao, don’t think he’s got nothing to do with it. People will engage in early Pidianpidian to count the money in that day. Taobao is the future trend. This truth is obvious, because the future is the world of e-commerce, things we have, than who is the advertising of advertising circles, so Taobao is a major trend in the future. Here, if you do not find the direction of a friend as well as to engage in Taobao off, do not need too much technology, as long as you will be on the line, the flow is king!

fourth choices, adhere to the strategy of going out. This part of the people will be in the minority. Go out and earn the money of the birds. Of course, this part is very powerful, not only a variety of web knowledge Wangzhuan tough birds is more powerful, it is the webmaster industry elite, can say is the webmaster industry in the special forces. Most admire this kind of person, ha ha, can earn foreign exchange. Therefore, people with the opportunity to have the opportunity to do this step out of the strategy is also a very good choice.

fifth choices, stand up, you can choose the webmaster industry