Yu Minhong should see! 82 years of entrepreneurial pit drift


pit main introduction

editor’s note: Zhang Jie, 82 years, Phoenix drift IT grass root male, second tier city 05 years three university graduate in engineering. Because can not stand the working environment of the factory, choose dry IT. In the second half for 08 years in primary and secondary school tutoring industry, 80 thousand yuan Kaiqi one-on-one counseling agencies, 09 year turnover to tens of millions. So…… So, it is very simple, the expansion began in 2010! On 2011 to get the financing level of tens of millions of funds began to crazy expansion. A year ago the company closed burned. After a year of adjustment retreat, now two times the start stage.

pit main oral

my first venture to do is K12, primary and secondary school counseling we contacted are plainly, after-school classes. The demand for this industry is quite clear: points, entry. At present, the two main models: class, one to one. Pit owners do poineering work for the first time is one on one, this tutorial model is extended from the tutor. The industry and the coffee shop industry is very similar to that of a large scale (the scale of Jiqianyiyi years of primary and secondary market), but also extremely dispersed (the largest enterprises do not exceed 1% of the total).

first venture encountered 8 pits

Pit 1: the industry has no dividend.

small into the industry to grasp the tuyere, although late, but after all, still enjoy a point in the air industry bonus.

Pit 2: focus on whether or not pit.

early start without any resources, but can focus down to the regional market, good customer service, although the scale can not solve the problem, but for the time to focus on one or two campuses is enough.

Pit 3: there is no clear core driving force.

in the end of 09 he sorts out the 10 year plan and summary when I have some of the industry crisis, can determine the marketing driven model will not last long, but, like a lot of ways, also do not have enough courage to give up the rapid growth to transition. In the face of temptation is not enough. It also buried himself behind the failure of foreshadowing.

pit 4: product innovation pit.

do not attach importance to the product, and the above third points are consistent, in terms of product is not enough to adhere to and investment. It is entirely in the marketing side, so with the increase in the number of students, more and more customer complaints and dissatisfaction. This is not the result of basic products to bring. So the old students lost and low renewal rate also reflected the symptoms. To maintain the scale of more and more tired, not the easier. Not to mention the replication of the model.

pit 5: the introduction of capital pit.

with the intervention of the capital, ha ha, especially in the education industry, and finally we began to bear side effects, a while ago, we are also in the group of the transfer of the New Oriental Yu

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