ARC marketing model to create the greatest interests of the Web2.0 Era

Web 2 era " God "

there are also more and more consumers began to use the Internet to exercise the power of God is " ". That is to say, the Internet communication form, not only is a one-way, two-way pipeline, and marketing changes that will bring what kind of impact will be brand businesses, as well as the public to be of major concern.

The most obvious is the fact that

, now, when consumers encounter unsatisfactory problems have been solved properly, they do not need to have a long pipeline through the complaint, they will put their experience in writing or even photographs, movies, on the Internet, through a similar mouth spread out, let the businesses become very passive.

if the text on the internet widely spread, business brand will be permanent damage. In addition to the exchange of information between the customer and the merchant, the customer, when making a purchase decision, will consult other customers as a reference. Often a small number of people’s views, but for businesses have a profound impact.

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