After the acquisition of eBay eBay TOM where to go

The current news that the two mergers or acquisitions have a positive answer. Let a person more imagination is: after the acquisition of eBay eBay TOM where to go?

TOM online in the third quarter total revenue of $38 million 950 thousand, net profit of $5 million 280 thousand. Net profit of $5 million 280 thousand, down 55.1% over the previous quarter, down from last year’s 59%.

TOM online trust China Mobile operators in the future strategy will, is to carry out closer cooperation with a large SP including TOM online, rather than as before in the mobile as they do alone, or with hundreds of partners.

in the earnings report, TOM 1/4 used to describe TOM-Skype.

TOM-Skype is one of the main efforts, this thing has also been working with ebay- ebay. Target IM market reshuffle and mobile commerce after 3G.

3G licensing, IM market will change, which is MSN, QQ, PICA and other things are concerned about. Refused to communicate with all existing IM Tencent, has begun negotiations with telecom, Netcom, want to open up new tentacles outside the mobile, China unicom. TOM and mobile, Netcom’s relationship, it is impossible not to grab the market ready. Simple phone IM, certainly not tied to the mobile commerce IM, but also to investors. Tencent has a layout pat, and TOM has not. Therefore, the acquisition of EBAY- eBay, very reasonable. If coupled with the concept of mobile commerce and the concept of mobile IM, TOM merger EBAY- eBay, you can immediately rise to second place, and may even be the first. Because the weak Tencent. Taobao weak in wireless.

TOM apparently do not expect online advertising can become a support, TOM online current traffic is about Sina’s 1/3-1/4, online advertising revenue of $3 million 530 thousand, Sina’s 1/10. However, the advertising value from TOM-Skype, is the place where TOM hopes.

TOM-Skype and mobile phone communication technology at present there is a lack of cooperation, and telephone operators have a good foundation, QQ is clearly aware of the problem, and ready to start early.

TOM entertainment routes should also be further strengthened. Chinese friends can continue to buy the record company, TOM should also be in the entertainment content source, do some articles. Otherwise, it is difficult to do the first portal entertainment. Layout of mobile commerce, but also not to be able to solve the acquisition of ebay- ebay.

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