Why don’t you make money on Taobao’s website

in the group of friends often ask Taobao customers can earn money? How is my website no deal? And so on problems, the Taobao off time is not long, but also have little experience, here to share some experience for everyone. First of all, a clear definition of the concept of Taobao guest site:

1, about commission


passenger Commission inquiry was backstage at the Ali Mama, but need to wait for the whole process of the transaction is completed, the buyer after confirming the payment to be reflected in your Taobao will back off, for physical goods, goods are sold to about 1 weeks to get the Commission, so please be patient.

2, on Taobao guest link

many friends said, Taobao is deceptive, Taobao will provide some shopkeeper purchase links to customers through Wangwang, so as not to pay off the cost of Taobao, this is one sidedness. According to Ali Mama official statement, the customer clicks on Taobao customer link, will generate a cookie in the client computer (which is valid for 10 days), record promotion information, that is to say, even if the user clicks on the shopkeeper given links, as long as the cookie has not expired, buyers even by the treasurer to buy the seller is to link the payment of commission. Of course, because the cookie can be replaced, that is to say do not rule out some shopkeeper himself with another number for their Taobao customers to customers may also; if the user click on your link to other sites, and click on the link to others, then the cookie will be replaced, the commission must is someone else’s.

well, to understand the above points, we then look at what is the reason that Taobao customers do not have income.

one, no traffic, no income

this is not nonsense, experienced people see also don’t laugh, I added a lot of Taobao customers, the question of a few people, many people complain that Taobao off no income, when he took the stand out, I was shocked, Baidu not included, Google is not included, the amount of flow how this may have zero income? It is recommended that you do Taobao off site novice friends, please look at the site of the related knowledge.

two, there is traffic, no income

traffic is the basis for the survival of the site, any station is no exception, but some of the friends of the station, there is a certain amount of traffic, and even said that traffic is still very good, but the income is very low or even No. The reason is mainly because of the flow of quality is not high, so do not do Taobao passenger site traffic station, there is a flow of income. Taobao passenger website income level, depending on the quality of the site IP. A lot of traffic is good, but a lot of traffic is not related to the site. For example, some of the owners in order to improve the amount included, joined the article system, collected a number of articles to join them, and even some of the station to do a lot of experience, will be collected to the original article. Little wonder that such a station has also committed a fatal error

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