How to speed up the display Google Adsense code

  GG Adsense made friends, must know, a new station on the GG ad code, GG will have a matching time for web content and advertising, this period of time, and your GG advertising is not displayed, so what method can shorten the time, speed up GG Adsense the content of the advertisement display? As long as you follow the way of writing code can speed up GG Adsense to display advertising. The methods are as follows:

you must replace the following X and Y with the

code provided by Google

        < div  id=" googlead"   width=" X"   height=" Y" > < /div>
      < div  id=" googleadcode"   style=" display:none" >
        here Google originally provided code
      < /div>
      < script  language=" javascript" > br < />    if (document.all.item (" googlead"   =  null)!)
    googlead.innerHTML  =  googleadcode.innerHTML;
    < & nbsp; /script>


      using this method, can speed up very quickly GG Adsense advertising display, my new http://s.neiku.net is using this method, GG advertising put up in a minute, you can normally display. If you are interested, you can try.

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