The century singles crazy shop ahead of half million yuan of goods preparation

in November 11, 2011, because of the six one, netizens called the hundred years of "century day". No businesses who are eager for a fight not Huan prepare for this rare promotional opportunity. But interestingly, the "singles day" is most interested in online sellers, sellers and even half a year in advance by tens of millions of dollars of goods, but this is completely solid mall not cold".

shop: ultra low discount flying

hundreds of millions of pieces of merchandise debut with the field, including new products, including the quarter 50 percent off, half of the sale of 24 cars…… From November 11th, there is a period of time, Taobao mall promotional advertising has hit the overwhelming the network, even in the bus station can also be seen in roadside billboards. The promotion of home textile, clothing, involving shoes and bags, cosmetics, food, baby products and other categories, all goods will be a double 11 Carnival sign. Another large online shopping platform combined with the cool days of thousands of well-known brands, launched 1 yuan berserk, 30 yuan shipping as well as Japan and South Korea products, home appliances, digital, mobile phone brand clothing and other ten area 40 percent off preferential benefit activity, "singles day" on the same day, also on the basis of introduction of ultra low discount special. It is understood that the Jingdong, Dangdang, pat and other large platform "single day" promotions have been gradually released.

"a few years ago still do not know what is the" single day ", it is hard to imagine." Taobao mall one seller told reporters yesterday, they begin six months in advance as singles "promotional stocking. The reporter saw in some online shopping forum, the strength of the sellers have in the preparation of their own home, "the sun" in our shop for the double "11" promotional activities in advance to prepare nearly 10 million yuan of goods, so the parents, can take on the day."

logistics delivery: priority to avoid "explosion

business busy consumers is very calm and be in full swing. If the logistics can not keep up, the discount is no longer big." Ms Wang on last year’s singles online shopping experience is still a lingering fear, she in a shop to grab a half off down jacket, only a month after the receipt of goods. Experience and her few overbooking delivery, courier warehouse explosion let them difficult to believe that online shopping. Reporters from the Taobao store was informed that this year to participate in the promotion of the businessmen have higher requirements, participating businesses must reach a certain shop score, the goods does not allow oversold, must be shipped within the specified time, artificially high price and then discount will be subject to heavy penalties. In order to avoid the explosion last year, Taobao mall has reached an agreement with several large logistics companies, so that all businesses can double "11" priority of delivery.


entity stores: "singles day" before the quiet

despite the excitement of the network, but the reporter found that the physical market for the fall of the festival did not interest. So far, Beijing is not a store for "single day" launched large-scale theme promotional activities.

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