Lang Xianping to embrace the nternet Book Dangdang exclusive debut



does not get rid of the old system, the reform will only lead to worse; in the new norm, Chinese economy will usher in a golden ten years." What is the old system, attracted China finance first Oprah Lang Xianping and so Tucao? What is the new normal, so he can make high hopes for


February 12th, Lang Xianping’s latest film "Lang Xianping said: the old system Chinese economy and the new normal" electronic version of the exclusive release in Dangdang, this is the first time for Lang Xianping to choose the way of electric synchronous release book paper.

in the book, Lang Xianping’s outspoken as always. For the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the anti-corruption investigation of the central state-owned enterprises, he pointed out in the book, state-owned enterprises have become a serious corruption outside the officialdom, the central rate of corruption has been carried on the table by the government.

from the 14 to eighteen above, be dealt with the vice ministerial level officials, the number suddenly rose from state-owned enterprises. During the 14th and 17 vice ministerial officials, no one is working in state-owned enterprises, the eighteen period and the 57 provincial officials, the central enterprises accounted for 12, equivalent to 21%. But he believes that caught is only a small part of.

bidding procurement and overseas investment is the main rent-seeking hotbed of state-owned enterprises. For example, each of the central enterprises to carry out an average of 2000 times a year bidding, and Exxon Mobil is a year is the 200 time, the latter is more than ten times. So many bids, is a hotbed of corruption, the project funds are 1/6 to 1/3 are used to bribe officials at all levels.

Lang Xianping believes that the need to reshape the boundary between government and market, the new normal to get rid of the old system, the new normal Xi Jinping led to the state, enterprises and individuals, and even influence the pattern of the world, will be far more than the Deng Xiaoping speech in the south".

content, at the beginning of 2015, WeChat has not yet established the public number of the first net, Lang Xianping will be his new work in electronic form in the book Dangdang sale, compared to paper books 39 yuan pricing, 10 yuan of e-book readers greatly reduces the threshold. Paper books to buy users can also get free ebook.

It is reported that

, Dangdang reading APP just won the innovation award of digital reading, the iPad4.0 version in the book blind test is also referred to as the best use of the iPad end reading APP. The powerful combination with Lang Xianping’s new book, will once again support the efforts of Dangdang in the book and the original level of effort.

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