How precise micro drainage plus friends promotion

do micro business, micro electricity supplier, Taobao, etc., for the acquisition of traffic, is the top priority, how to become a lot of people become the most headache problem.

now, just search or circle of friends, etc., everywhere is what WeChat promotion, WeChat suction powder, friends push each other, plus the integrity of the powder, the sale of real fans, such as advertising. Why do these tutorials and methods will appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain? We will not say how to be sure, there will be a market demand. This is the cause of business!


I believe, you also had a promotion experience, however, after using the N+ method, there are several methods that can be used? Is not a zombie fans, but also multiple ads than you? You are in active and micro business, WeChat group which is not stop advertising, you sent me all, but there are a few people? I think that is almost zero.

why people are willing to spend a lot of money to promote you, to give you zombie fans, why don’t you want to learn to promote it, even spend money, why don’t you want to have proficiency in a particular line of

?The answer is

, micro makers are too utilitarian, too confused!


I think you are the only one to learn the real WeChat marketing skills, it can bring benefit to you, even early have invested time and money to learn, I think it is worth it, because this is the matter once and for all!! don’t know once and for all!


as far as I know, some micro friends taking only more than and 200, a year can bring his income of not less than 20W!! you just feel alarmist, put you when the monkey, but it is true, just between you and me!!!

said here, you also understand, you have heard of, this is precisely the power of the fans!!

he has 200 precision fans, then you have 300, 400, or even 1000?? think of yourself!! why would you rather want to have 1W fans don’t want to have 5000 precise fans??? Why keep so many zombies?? you managed not tired?


how to add friends, promotion, drainage?

a blog platform

mainstream blog or comprehensive: Baidu, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Alibaba, and other professional, search engine optimization can bring traffic is not to be underestimated, especially in terms of the flow of long tail keywords! So we can put the product soft on the blog platform, will this batch of customers introduction to our WeChat


two, forum community


flow is not to be underestimated! Whether professional or community forum comprehensive local community forums are our local traffic interception. >

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