A summary of the experience of Taobao store management

is also a chance to Taobao, once I want to buy a red Q coins card, but we do not sell here, as we have a dormitory buddy Taobao, he would occasionally buy things at Taobao, at that time I didn’t know what he said is Taobao! Help me buy in Taobao since! Then I had to Taobao had a strong interest in, also for Taobao, for Alipay, and then submit the real name authentication, the next step is often Amoy treasure

, ha ha!

with a little bit of my familiarity with Taobao, plus the usual nothing to do, think of a small shop in Taobao, from that day onwards, I will say that I am confident that I am a small boss – –

the passage of time, almost imperceptibly left school, back sour, sweet, bitter, hot really have too much, don’t give up… College as a wonderful performance, but eventually ended the moment… The plot met many classmates! A call occasionally, several elder brother each try to flee the scene "" (that is, the morning class time *–*) occasionally depend on a bed, occasionally playing basketball, in the evening will often go to the Library — not to mention it, accidentally learned a lot of extracurricular knowledge, it also benefited! Although we are not particularly mature, who still worship, dress up non mainstream, messing around with his "cool" style, but these are very memorable, left a good impression in our hearts! ~

through their own learning in the University of Taobao shop, learning predecessors experience, so I opened the shop shop! Now almost a month, (do not look at my registration time is 09 years. Oh, I just in time buyers, doing nothing to do just made 10 pictures the shop opened) opened near the end of March this year is real! So far got customers praise! Although the customer is not a lot, but I believe that as long as you persevere, will be at the end of the hey…… The following is a summary of some experience, Xiao Ming’s new style of writing is not very good, hope that parents do still


one: open flourishing shop, decorate flourishing shop, add disappear protect!

opened decoration Pu, Pu can let your baby to increase the exposure rate, but also to give the baby more authority, the most important thing is to let your baby can be more perfect to show customers Pro Pro look comfortable, love, there will be a natural desire to buy! Join the consumer protection to allow buyers to buy a rest assured, this is a promise way! I come from buyers, I bought

things are generally in the shop to buy the consumer protection, such as when I buy the same goods, N shop for my choice, so in the N window, even if the price is slightly a bit cheaper if no join disappear I would PASS out because I personally! Find a seller even if 1000-2000 security is not willing to, I think I will not be.

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