Zhang Yong Taobao mall independent domain name with independent listing

news November 2nd, the day before, Taobao mall announced the opening of the independent domain name Usually enabled independent domain name is often associated with the spin off industry independent listing association. What exactly is the meaning of Taobao mall to enable independent domain name Taobao CFO Zhang Yong in an interview with the media said that the listing does not matter.

Zhang Yong said

held in the days before Taobao mall Strategy Conference, Taobao mall, now has grown, is no longer the two years ago, Taobao mall, has accumulated a lot of consumers, there are a lot of businesses. Speaking of Taobao mall, he is always part of the big Taobao, Taobao will never leave the soil. Taobao launched Taobao mall independent domain name in mind, but also want to give consumers a stronger brand awareness, so that they realize that online shopping brand genuine start here". Taobao mall is hoping to promote and spread from an independent domain name, so that consumers remember such a place of choice for shopping.

is usually a site of a service to enable independent domain names are often associated with the spin off industry independent listing lenovo. In this regard, Zhang Yong in an interview with the media after the meeting also said: we consider the mall’s independent domain name is entirely from the consumer, with the company does not appear on the market does not matter."

Since Taobao

mall is to encourage consumers to buy goods through here, the C2C market will be affected if? To solve this problem, Zhang Yong said, in fact, on behalf of the brand on behalf of genuine, good service, this is a comprehensive concept. C2C is a concept of the market is extremely abundant, the more selective. In fact, consumers in different scenarios, his choice is not the same. For example, to buy a 46 inch color TV, may consider the problem is to buy SONY or SHARP, buy Hisense or Changhong, but will consider the sale, consider the installation, warranty for several years. However, after the purchase of color TV, want to buy a piece of cloth cover, buy this to consider the decoration of the room should be the same, in the color department, do not care what brand cloth. So the process of shopping is a variety of choices, the former brand oriented, it may be directed to the B2C market, and then a consumer goods, may go to the C2C market. These are there, and we can understand the situation as consumers, so the two markets are complementary to the development of.

in addition, according to Zhang Yong said, plans to build a logistics information management platform, the information management of logistics on Taobao generated by the merchant, the merchant operation information all the background reaction can be effectively applied in the above. Zhang Yong said: around the front of the personalized experience and background intervention in the logistics supply chain services, we will do more work." At the same time, the rumors that Taobao will be built warehousing, Zhang Yong also stressed again in a media interview, Taobao is hoping to build an ecological circle, I hope there are suitable partners can provide warehousing services, only one case of Taobao to do, is to find a suitable combination.

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