The CN domain name gains more localized protection

"domain name dispute resolution mechanism of the times, the CN domain name registered human rights more secure; at the same time in the CN domain name dispute transnational PK war, who enjoy the advantages of legally registered China defense in law, language, which is a long-term trend." In the day held in front of the "Asian domain name dispute resolution and online seminar", the reporter get the latest news. Participate in the seminar attracted many areas of intellectual property and authoritative experts in the field of online dispute resolution, the Supreme People’s court and the Ministry of information industry, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), Asia’s largest provider and other government agencies to send personnel to attend the seminar.

90% international COM domain name dispute Chinese registered was defeated


conference, a series of China domain name registration in 2007 occurred in the defeat of the COM domain name disputes become the focus of the topic. The survey data also show that: China COM domain name dispute case transferred to foreign companies was ruled in the case of 90%. Chinese registered in CMZ.com, cnskype.com, civ4.com lost the COM domain name dispute, the arbitration result is the transfer of Chinese registered COM domain name will be forced to operate for many years to the enterprise, the brand assets lost in vain.

in this regard, insiders: "COM domain existence legal risk is a historical problem: COM domain of jurisdiction in the United States, COM related domain name disputes due to the application of law in the United States, China registered persons, do not understand the language of the strange, legal environment, China registered in responding to the disadvantage."

CN domain name dispute resolution more secure


and COM domain name dispute defeat in stark contrast to the CN domain name disputes safeguard rights. The latest dispute case once again confirmed this point: "the United States Coca Cola Co sued a Shenzhen migrant workers Shaotao Rao registered kekokele.cn, will transfer the domain name to the Coca-Cola name, the results are dismissed complaints, Rao Shaotao continued to hold the domain name. Domain name arbitration body to handle the case very much, last year a small businesses in Yiwu and the United States of DELL CN in domain name disputes to win, to keep the Chinese registered in the del.cn domain, CN domain name dispute has more to safeguard the rights and interests of the reasonable."

similar domain name dispute why the result is so different? A domain name registration service agencies responsible person bluntly pointed out that "CN is our own domain name Chinese management domain, China applicable law, the Chinese service, in the recognition and protection of the rights and interests of domain name rights closer to the local situation, can more effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the registrant. CN to the Registrar to eat a reassurance." In addition, the new "domain name dispute resolution procedures" clearly in domain name disputes is the core of "malicious registration", to further protect the legitimate rights and interests of all the interests of the people, to curb malicious cybersquatting disrupting the market behavior. It is understood that the new domain name dispute resolution

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