Baidu electricity supplier born with ah, stop at MALL

Baidu has invested in the field of electricity providers can be defeated, keep on fighting "to describe, the Baidu has a new action.


billion state power sources said, Baidu is planning a new business platform "Baidu MALL" ( Rumors, this may be the last attempt in Baidu electricity supplier business.

it is reported that Baidu MALL is currently in the business settled in the contract review stage, in May after the completion of the merchant shop decoration, commodity upload, Baidu MALL will be formally launched in June.

Baidu MALL main path


MALL to take targeted investment plans, only invited 1000 well-known brands in the high-end, which mainly focus on eight key business categories: clothing shoes and bags, outdoor sports, food and health care, nursing makeup, Home Furnishing textile, electrical digital, baby toys, jewelry watches.

Although the name

, Baidu MALL and Tmall MALL, the only difference between the two words, but Baidu electricity supplier behind Tmall gap more than two years. Even in the face of Jingdong, Amazon,, Baidu Electric is also worth mentioning. In the vertical electricity supplier to divide the congregation of electronic business platform, Baidu did not have too many opportunities.

of course, Baidu’s ambition is not in the vertical field, to do a comprehensive business platform of the Baidu MALL and Tmall, what Jingdong meet as equals free flow of Baidu hands? Two by most people see the cards.

therefore, Baidu MALL do two things: first, the first year of the signing of the business can be settled free of charge; two is to provide traffic resources to businesses.

Baidu MALL launched the three preferential policies: first, the brand free first year margin (100 thousand); the first, free of charge for the first year of platform services (30 thousand per year); third, the transaction rate of half off (half of other B2C)". Traffic, Baidu search, Baidu alliance channels for businesses to achieve precise diversion.

free, traffic can not afford to support Baidu MALL, O2O is a new story

Baidu is no shortage of traffic, a lot of money, after Baidu business investment is not small, but are "By no means retrievable". Similarly, the Baidu MALL attract businesses settled after how far can go, we must break through the flow and free of the vicious circle.

therefore, Baidu MALL has been advocating O2O, the brand will provide O2O solutions, including online and offline stores to buy goods, also can directly guide customers to the brand shop to buy the line.

specifically, Baidu MALL will move the end with the PC side open, with the help of Baidu map LBS location query and push services, embedded in the line of Baidu MALL brand stores, the online user into offline transactions.

in fact, the essence of Baidu MALL O2O is a local living shopping, it is worth noting that Baidu >

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