To see how the domestic electronic commerce prospects from Amoy sainty!

is lost, lost, complained of e-commerce professional students, you are good:

although this letter is written for freshmen, but I believe that any level and even graduated from the electronic commerce professional students have a role. Every year I can see and hear e-commerce students too much complaining, yesterday, a classmate of my alma mater Xiangtan University professional e-commerce and told me about now 07 freshman students were hit badly, at the same time, the 05 and 06 grade students are also full of complaints, the complaints, and even several students have turned professional. Despite all these years, I have It is often seen. such a situation, but when I hear again and again three I still like Shidishimei when I see when I was worried. So I said to him, "I’ll write something. I think it’s my duty to tell everyone". Although I am not Li Kaifu, not eligible confidentially with classmates speak a truth and legendary experience; I haven’t become Ma, enough capital to talk to the students about the method and entrepreneurial learning experience; but I as a national e-commerce undergraduate second batch of graduate students, in my own way walk, as a professional in the field of entrepreneurship is something people, I still think that has the responsibility and ability to e-commerce and professional students in reading to share my experience and experience. In fact, I have been writing a lot about electronic commerce education and learning for publication, it is derived from this I can not give up the feelings and sense of responsibility.

students, I don’t know how each of you is connected with the electronic commerce specialized, only I first said is how to get into the electronic commerce professional Internet bar love again. (this section length is longer, if not love can skip, forgive me) I have been emphasizing the importance of interest indeed, interest is the biggest driving force of learning on the Internet, I love the electronic commerce first originated from the love of computer, I contacted the third grade primary school computer, that was in 1993, should be a number of people in the city where I am the first contact with the computer, then into a computer training class, the whole machine is 286, I was the youngest students, only two courses: five strokes and BASIC language, after all, the age is too small, two months of summer vacation, I didn’t to learn, even the fur did not touch, but I was on the computer this thing produced the most primitive curiosity. Later, the fifth grade primary school, the importance of the computer began to be put on a height, primary school set up a computer interest group, team members can often use a school computer, in order to cultivate seedling, team members must produce the threshold of the fourth grade students from above, math scores must be better, and by the school computer teacher personally selected. But my math is not better than from primary school to university, I have to go and ask the teacher, the teacher is my enthusiasm, finally agreed to grant me into the computer club where I learned to use the computer mobile storage medium the earliest (3 inch, 5 inch floppy disks), practice fast Pinyin typing method (Shuangpin input method), to learn all the DOS command operation (at that time was WI>

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