Business platform selling fake watches repeatedly exposed online shopping need to be cautious

recently after a consumer twists and turns, finally identified the original price he spent more than and 500 yuan to buy Dangdang online for 2000 yuan Kathy

European watch. The result of the appraisal was disappointing, and the Casio purchased on the Internet was fake. It can be said that the purchase of Dangdang online fake Casio consumers are not only one person. So, website home page "genuine security, fake a compensable five promise is just eight words? More unbelievable is that Casio has not been sales Casio Inc authorized. So where do these Casio come from?

details of the event process reflects the interests of online shopping no guarantee. When the consumer with a Casio box "buy Dangdang online CASIO watch guaranteed time book" to a CASIO customer service service center expected warranty, where the staff refused his warranty claim. The reason is that the product does not provide warranty on the internet. This dumbfounding, online articles can not find the location of warranty in reality. This reminds us to be careful when shopping online.

on the Internet to browse some of the merchant’s website, we can easily find that there are always a lot of brand-name items in the genuine counter to sell words to be very expensive, but in the online equivalent of some of the common product prices. This is for some consumers, is a great temptation, but for me, not so easy to choose to buy those products. Because I believe that a penny of goods". Famous brand can become a famous brand, because he is different from ordinary products, some advantages, is a good quality worth mentioning, there is a special function. In a word, the price is more expensive.

coincidentally, in February this year has been identified as counterfeit products in the "D1 network" on the sales of SWAROVSKI products. These products are relatively sophisticated packaging, packaging printing are also good, that is, with a high degree of simulation. Through online shopping, consumers are not directly facing the product, can not smell the smell of him, can’t touch his texture and so on, on the Internet would have just a few pictures, consumers can only through the pictures to understand the product, as can be imagined, this way is the most easy to confuse people. The appearance of the product to do well and the quality is not good enough to satisfy the consumer, will eventually lose credit.

at present, the online shopping environment is still not so safe, when consumers receive goods, generally already paid for. While consumers want to return, in most cases is to pay their own postage, which makes many consumers hesitant to return, because you don’t want to buy the product, but also to pay, most consumers still choose not to return. There are a lot of examples like this, some businesses in the consumer to buy his products, consumers will be asked to praise to increase their popularity and then benefit their earnings. This approach >

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