When the rural electricity supplier met 315

nearly 315, have we ever thought of 315 which will bring changes to the rural electricity supplier? Today is to talk about when Uncle farmers in rural electricity providers what would happen in 315.


current situation, the rural electricity supplier is still in the bud, is gradually infiltrated into the countryside. In the NPC and CPPCC, Prime Minister Li Keqiang stressed the need to focus on promoting e-commerce in the rural areas, the government and business enterprise has introduced various policies, promote the development of rural electricity supplier, the development prospects of the rural electricity supplier is a good.

from the surface, rural electricity providers will show a trend of prosperity. 315 now approaching, but also to the farmers uncle was a wake-up call, facing the biggest gate — the traditional electricity supplier fakes, rural electricity providers how to deal with it? The rural electricity supplier is still in the initial stage, itself is very fragile, cannot afford too many toss. Traditional electricity supplier development for so many years, the foundation has been very strong, in the face of consumer groups and rural electricity supplier is not the same. The object of the rural electricity supplier mostly farmers, their tolerance and acceptance is much lower than the city, so the rural electricity supplier for fakes, will face greater challenges, rural electricity providers how to deal with? To the development of rural electricity providers to expand this step is not lost


farmers uncle with everyone to see an example.

Anhui of Guangde county and the Alibaba for cooperation, participation of the Alibaba "Chimura Wanxian" plan. Xiao Li became one of Taobao’s partners. According to Xiao Li about the farmers uncle learned that Li has become a Taobao partner of almost half a year, but has not received orders, income is less than half of the work when he was in town. Xiao Li is not hard, Li street to the villagers about the rural electricity supplier concept, can get the response is very few. The fundamental reason is that the villagers thought ingrained, they have been accustomed to the canteen to buy goods and markets. This is due to the fact that online shopping is very strange to the villagers, it is important that they can not see the kind, worried about buying fake. Although Li promised to cash on delivery, if things can not be returned, but the villagers still declined.

can be seen, the fake online has made people form a thinking style, to change people’s thinking is still a long way to go. In order to make the healthy development of rural electricity supplier, the fight against fakes is imperative.

of course, various government departments have introduced a variety of measures to combat counterfeiting, such as the establishment of multi sectoral linkage mechanism to accelerate the supervision of third party network trading platform, etc.. During the two sessions of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, said it would actively promote e-commerce legislation. How these measures perform? Effect how? Uncle farmers can make nothing of it.

farmers uncle believes that in order to fundamentally solve the problem, but also from the view of human nature, is to establish a credit system. From the merchant to the platform, the goods in the system of the integrity of a stream, consumers can be assured. Otherwise, any >

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