2010 years of Shanghai webmaster will end ready V5shop

January 16, 2010, Shanghai 2010 annual meeting and Expo total station Internet Forum ended at the center for American Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai. The meeting organized by the largest independent provider of online system V5SHOP and China station, through the industry elite interactive mode of electronic commerce, website promotion, operation of hot topics related in-depth, 500 grassroots webmaster were on the "profit and promotion" website that currently most concerned about the topic of grassroots webmaster.

is no doubt that the economic crisis faded away, Chinese Internet economy again won the development, as the international economic and financial, trade, one set of international metropolis – Shanghai in the Internet economy has made rapid progress, many local famous sites has become a national leader in the Internet industry, and will continue to affect the development of the Internet economy, made more remarkable achievements.

V5shop, President of a Sinto said in a statement: "as the largest independent provider of V5SHOP online system, hoping that the next year will share the electronic commerce entrepreneurial road with everyone, let more webmaster friends understand the prospects and the starting point of electronic commerce, but also hope that more and more long standing research institutions, more attention to multimedia electronic commerce V5SHOP, catalyst and all network operators willing songshui."


mentioned that the future development of the Internet, V5shop CEO Cheng Xindong said: "the electronic commerce will be the focus of each site worthy of attention, not only because he has great potential, and is likely to become one of the important sources of profit in the webmaster. We are well aware of many sites, such as Tianya, thunder, etc. have been involved in e-commerce. Shanghai Weibo network witnessed the rapid development of e-commerce in China, in the past 2009, only online payment transactions in the nearest 600 billion yuan, through the V5shop e-commerce enterprises have thousands, many webmaster friends using our V5shop shop system has been profitable. If you can help more interested in e-commerce through this conference to the success of friends, V5shop will be honored."

crisis away

independent network operators without silence

"electronic commerce as an emerging industry, 2009 online shopping total amount reached 250 billion yuan, which led to the national network of business boom, not only contribute to the smooth development of the domestic economy, but also to solve the employment problem of a large number of personnel, and promote social stability and prosperity. Unlike in the past, in 2008 and 2009 to become the independent network of rapid growth of the main A new force suddenly rises." Indeed, many data indicate that the financial crisis away, independent network operators are no longer silent.

and the economic crisis before the "part-time, earn some pocket money," the idea is different, with the tide of unemployment hit, more and more young people began to

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