Electricity supplier Wars users enjoy more than moderate consumption

each month, the electricity supplier can come up with an idea as their price discounts from. Eleven National Day holiday, "11· 11 singles, the current electricity supplier began to" double 12 ", the Christmas wars preheat. But in the process of buying, the problem continues.

excessive accumulation of goods, busy halo courier


users complain after a week, panic buying things or not to actually express company, is already a warehouse bursting. In these warehouses, there are still a large part of the courier is marked not served, the consumer did not see clearly photographed goods.

price false

ask, we have done an experiment in each activity before the first optimistic they want to buy goods, the first collection, when the discount began, and compare the price is really the price. According to relevant sources broke the news, the purchase of goods during the event did not fall back up. False propaganda, the final price with his propaganda, the difference is too far, it is not half folded. Yicichonghao, is to buy the things is not worth the price, because a lot of the number of defective products serve as the goods are sold out, so the low price you can buy.


network congestion

network congestion is also a more difficult problem, shopping people who can not afford to pay the purchase process and difficult. An example of his classmates, he bought a thing on Taobao, the structure can not be single, he has been the point has been, until finally able to order, and found that he had a few points to buy a record.

refund rate higher

business survival of the "price war" model began to show defects, one of the main reasons for the refund rate sequela is the main theme of brand promotion is still clear in the quality of goods and packaging etc. and difficult to match consumer expectations. There are some goods because of its large Home Furnishing has a certain particularity, such as goods in the distribution area, after consumers need to order time, but don’t want to wait, the pre-sale deposit return and refund.


moderate consumption, avoid impulsive

is now a new round of "double 12", Christmas begins, I hope you Master who hold their own shopping, shopping desire, temperance shopping, avoid to buy some cheap, but of no great importance. When you find yourself at the end of the event does not want, and then return to their own trouble, but also to the business to add trouble to have a correct view of consumption, moderate consumption, to avoid impulse. Why don’t you get away from the rush to fight, call a distant parent, ask, "

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