More than 4 thousand international big push Tmall around the world in 45 countries

sina science and technology news July 14th afternoon news, international big names have recently pushed Tmall, currently has more than 4000 overseas brands from more than 45 countries settled in Tmall. This means that Tmall has become a fashion landmark, becoming the preferred platform for overseas brands stationed in china.

this year, apple, Burberry, Estee Lauder, Muji, ASOS and other international brands to choose Tmall as the only authorized third party business platform China, covering almost all Tmall vertical industries, from 3C digital, life appliances, beauty, clothing, decoration, jewelry, food Home Furnishing and auto parts etc.. In addition to the new starter, some brands even for Tmall launched exclusive custom goods.

It is reported that in addition to

, from the United States, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Japan, Spain, South Korea and other countries with a high degree of brand concentration of international brands, brand classic Finland and Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and many characteristics also have quietly settled. Tmall relevant responsible person, incomplete statistics, Tmall has already come from 45 countries or regions of the brand, will continue to introduce other international big.

international brand with high brand reputation at the same time, also means high prices, but consumers showed amazing consumption ability in Tmall. Last year the double eleven day, the German brand Zwilling store sales of nearly 50 million, the price of 1998 yuan a pot package, sales of 15 million, a nationwide under the brand line stores a year of sales. The Burrerry Tmall flagship store is also far beyond the brand side had expected, while covering many lines can not reach the store three or four line of urban consumer groups.

Apple Corp is to break the long-term channel closed, select Tmall as the world’s only electricity supplier platform. AI media consulting CEO Zhang Yi believes that Apple chose Tmall as the electricity supplier authorized platform, one is to improve the penetration ability of domestic brands in the three or four line of the city, on the other hand, it is to increase their market share by Tmall.

analysis of the industry, the international big selection of domestic cooperation platform are very cautious, especially in the field of e-commerce. Platform influence, brand fit, fashion, innovation, quality, consumer groups, brand image and tonality are the criteria to be considered. (Mu Xi)

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