Hundred regiments in full swing in small group purchase network have hope

buy this new way to buy in the country from the launch to the popular but only about a year’s time. Related to this site sprung up in general. This is not only a good business and a profitable model, but also for our keen on online shopping buyers to provide a better and more convenient and cheaper way to buy.

however, the original intention and idea of perfect, also have to face the cruel reality, the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, has not yet formed so many of the small and medium size group purchase site facing the huge difficulties: insufficient supply, the price is expensive, click less, have yet to find their own position, and so on, these problems get in small site difficult, directly lead to a fatal outcome: it is in the small group purchase website cannot be successfully organized group purchase.

transposition thinking, if a project, we have done a lot of preparatory work, put great passion and enthusiasm, it took a lot of sweat and tears, but due to financial bottlenecks, to watch it toward a cliff, you will feel like a! My son, to leave you forever.

at this time, we found the ability to lead and guide the small and medium-sized group to get out of the predicament of the dawn of the network: one hundred regiments – buy Union (BBS.98CL.COM). It is understood that the hundred regiments – buy alliance limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the Union) is part of the Matthew angel investment foundation. The website focused on the integration of many of the group purchase website information and information, through the channel, and functional classification and group purchase site interaction and cooperation, unanimously, the group purchase website between the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit deeply attached to each other. Together with the launch activities, group purchase, common development, to integrate, and seek common development of the state.

is different from the previous group purchase navigation, alliance is not simply doing a group purchase website assembled, but to play a role of a bridge, not only let our customers to find you want to buy good stuff, also can let our business in a more positive state of quality we offer buyers a commodity in the League to help.


alliance not only let us buyers feel themselves can be faster and better and cheaper to buy goods; it is a way out, for small and medium sized group purchase website currently appears on the active sites in the network, most to cater to the market demand of group purchase organization.

is like Ma said: "strategy has a lot of meaning, a small company’s strategy is simple, is alive, alive the most important." Buy site in the next two or three years, and even more than ten years will go where we do not know. Small and medium-sized buy site to do now is to live, to live better. Just take this way, in order to better plan for the future.

we would like a hundred regiments – buy Union as a life-saving straw, able to lead the small and medium group to buy the site go farther and longer.

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