Ali eat subsidized foreign trade enterprises cross-border electricity market

cross-border electricity supplier business continues to mature, is brewing new market opportunities. "Economic Reference News" reporter learned from the Alibaba, the Alibaba will adopt an octopus arm platform, "export subsidies to the export enterprise in china". The industry believes that the move indicates that Alibaba cross-border electricity supplier business is expected to become a strong growth point in the field of foreign trade, while cross-border competition between the electricity supplier platform will become increasingly fierce.

Alibaba in China, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta and other more developed areas of foreign trade, export enterprises have generally expanded cross-border business, more and more coastal trade SMEs through "cross-border electronic business platform" to complete the foreign trade circulation. In order to share new formats and China brought by the small and medium-sized enterprise service bonus, the Alibaba will adopt an octopus arm platform, "export subsidies for foreign trade enterprises". Alibaba believes that this innovative intensive foreign trade service model and the organic combination of e-commerce, will lead to the transformation of the entire ecological chain of foreign trade, for the entire foreign trade ecosystem to bring more value.

in July 2013, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation has issued the "foreign country six", "on the implementation of cross-border e-commerce retail outlet to support the policy advice" and other policies to encourage the development of cross-border business; subsequently, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou became the first cross-border pilot city, and according to the their respective strengths have introduced local policies to encourage the development of cross-border electricity supplier. Public information shows that in 2014 so far, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Harbin, Changchun and other places have also approved the cross-border electricity supplier pilot cities. According to the China e-commerce research center, Zhang Zhouping, senior analyst at the Ministry of trade network predicted that in 2014 the cross-border electricity supplier pilot cities will be further expanded, the corresponding incentives will be one by one landing.

as a new business in the field of foreign trade, cross-border electricity supplier is currently developing rapidly. The international trade business platform eBay report that China cross-border electricity market prospects, unlike the traditional foreign trade, cross-border business is the "blue ocean", in the dividend policy, the past two years in this business will enter a new round of high growth period, and will attract a large number of traditional foreign trade enterprises to enter.

cross-border electricity supplier so attractive prospects, has attracted more and more participants. Currently, in terms of cross-border electricity supplier business platform, in addition to providing integrated services eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and Dunhuang network, there has been a large number of such a potential B Lanting Pavilion 2C cross-border electronic business platform. According to industry estimates, as more and more traditional foreign trade enterprises to expand cross-border electricity supplier business, there will be more professional class of cross-border electricity supplier platform appears, the market competition between the platforms will become increasingly fierce.

market participants to the Economic Information Daily reporters, said Alibaba to export subsidies to foreign trade enterprises will not become isolated. At present, the number of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises in China has exceeded 500, most of which are potential customers of cross-border electronic business platform

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