Father and son! High German map help Taobao 3.8 Mobile Life Festival

had previously wrote, when the foot of the foot of a foot high German Ali is destined to move the other foot, to the point of view from the inside out of the Ali wholly owned High German is an inevitable thing. If you want to do is to be of one heart and one mind, two relatives, lovely is unreliable, as high German listed companies have pressure from investors, Ali shares accounted for by the form can not drive the High German best, so the final choice of Ali High German wholly-owned acquisitions, said this information closed-loop Ali O2O has begun to close up, and High German will become the core of the entrance.


O2O has three pivots, life service O2O, commodity trading O2O, and mobile payment. At present, the Ali situation is very clear, although the mobile phone Taobao and Alipay wallet will become Ali O2O entrance, but a commodity trading is the entrance of O2O, a mobile payment entrance, and the current market environment is not mature enough, commodity trading O2O and mobile payments are not based on the foundation of its own, and the service life of O2O the lack of, so need to purchase high German compensate for this short board. In this way, can the service life of O2O, commodity trading O2O and mobile payment three arrows.

announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned High German, which means Ali O2O loop has begun to close, not to continue the macro layout, but the High German map, mobile phone Taobao, Alipay wallet for the triangle to deepen. High German map location navigation for mobile phone Taobao, and deepen the consumer O2O market layout; mobile phone Taobao to expand the commodity trading market to the O2O line, which requires high German aid (1111 and 3.8 activities are reflected); while Alipay wallet is responsible for the key move to pay part of the three. The mutual independence and mutual penetration, mutual promotion in array form.

3.8 mobile phone Taobao life festival activities, high moral map as the only map of the activities of the joint venture, in particular the introduction of the 3.8 mobile life section". With the experience of eleven last year, the High German to enhance the interactive experience, from the privilege to get access to the consumer site information, once completed, eliminating the complexity of the two search. In addition, there will be a new "indoor navigation" function, can display the real mall panorama, further shorten the search process of the user desired brand.

from 1111 to 3.8, High German figure frequently appeared in Ali’s activities, and as an important role. Although a high German Ali acquired no final conclusion, but the depth of running between the recent high moral map with ALI products situation, the results have been That’s final.. Ali help, high moral map in 2014 may be a major change.

Ali to penetrate the need for an effective carrier can bear the line of large and complex merchant system, and high moral map has become the final choice of ali. High German is now in full effort to build POI database, which is the foundation of the foundation of the most critical Ali wireless.

Ali wholly acquired is a

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