Buy site vertical positioning

a, buy site vertical subdivision type

face massive influx of the industry to buy a lot of websites, there are a lot of articles given the recommendations: do now buy to do market segmentation. And the author’s understanding of the specific vertical subdivision, nothing more than three types: product segmentation, geographical segmentation, crowd segmentation. The following three types of segmentation are analyzed.

two, (1) product segmentation

from the author of the above three types of classification, the author gives the lowest score of such subdivision. And this kind of subdivision is often the first understanding of the majority of people, the operation of such segments more.

one: on the general principles of business management, often think that specialization is better than diversification, a single business is better than the comprehensive management. But in practice, people in the real shopping, often prefer to go shopping, do not like to shop. It’s just about ordinary life shopping. According to some statistics, the reality is that the largest number of buy site sales price is less than one hundred dollars, the professional requirements are not strict, the majority of daily consumer goods.

in general sense, if the professional requirements of the high value for the store, professional requirements for the low value of large stores. And the nature of the group decided to buy is not suitable for higher professional value of the product to buy (but if some special positioning high-end, quality, professional stores, except). And online shopping itself is often a temporary consumption or impulse consumption, which is mostly from Taobao, such as online shopping enthusiasts on delivery time requirements can prove this point. If the delivery is more than three days, most people have the idea of return. Buy is also online shopping, because the price is not high, professional requirements are not high, so many orders are temporary decisions.

from the above analysis can probably know whether to buy site is really suitable for product segmentation is not easy to say.

second: the so-called product segmentation is actually a product line, the system must have a certain capacity, too often is often broken down. For example, I had a head and the exchange of the problem, he said he wanted to engage in a professional wedding buy station. I remember my point of view, first, the wedding ceremony, people tend to be concentrated in a few gold season. You do not have a stable sales of this site. Second, most people only get married once in their lifetime, but they don’t want to save some money on the details in the wedding. Prefer to choose and choose not to buy. Third, the date of the wedding is often set in advance, and buy the product because of the ability to accommodate the business problems, often need to make an appointment in advance. This is not easy to coordinate in the operation.

this is the so-called too subdivision, but if a product line can be, all associated with the wedding and even baby parenting, can locate the required for the first half of the year to prepare to get married within one or two years of marriage at this stage of the crowd. For example, a cute group is designed to do a series of women’s cosmetics, do it as

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