Experience CPA registration into, really give you

today on QQ, nothing to do, then a live, do a website optimization. Considering how to do.

looked at QQ group, are also very lively. A webmaster friends ` my brother and I will fly – Michiru vented his distress over.

` s brother today opened 51VK fly an alliance to see, last week issued no commissions. The results found that their account password is wrong. Contact customer service, and then tell me whether the password is forgotten or input error.

I want to fly an

` brother – will not make the mistake. So no one group also has a few guys that the password is wrong. There was a guy who said he was kicked out of his mouth. I contacted the customer service, and then he got my ID number to check with me.

The following is a friend

` flying brother chats – Michiru, I looked really funny.

2008-10-22 18:24:16 –

, Michiru fly brother

how is my account password wrong?

2008-10-22 18:25:13 –

, Michiru fly brother


2008-10-22 51vk 18:28:09 alliance customer service

your account sent

2008-10-22 18:28:33 –

, Michiru fly brother


2008-10-22 51vk 18:30:55 alliance customer service

the balance of your application will be paid to you tomorrow but the alliance decides to stop working with you

2008-10-22 18:31:06 –

, Michiru fly brother


2008-10-22 18:31:09 –

, Michiru fly brother

I’m not cheating.

2008-10-22 51vk 18:31:21 alliance customer service

bad effect

2008-10-22 51vk 18:31:42 alliance customer service

you won’t pay

if you cheat

2008-10-22 18:31:53 –

, Michiru fly brother

so I didn’t apply for payment,


2008-10-22 18:31:58 –

, Michiru fly brother

didn’t give it to me,


2008-10-22 51vk 18:32:39 alliance customer service

not pay >

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