Liu Qiangdong the ideal of e-commerce enterprises in China is internationalization

2103 Liu Qiangdong is in the past, a lot of emotion, for the upcoming 2014, Liu Qiangdong is smug. For 2013, Liu Qiangdong think the biggest inspiration is to find the mobile terminal itself is not enough to constitute a separate Internet portal. If there is no strong background support, it is difficult to transform the mobile Internet traffic into real business value.

and for the near future in 2014 or not, Liu Qiangdong firmly believe that the demand from the mobile terminal to occupy a dominant position, it is only a matter of time. While the mobile Internet plus product design + data mining + cloud computing platform, will greatly expand our knowledge on the user experience. Who can creatively apply the power of movement, who is likely to win the next revolution to master the password".

is about to pass in 2013, for China’s e-commerce market practitioners, is a memorable year.

following in 2012, China’s online retail sales exceeded one trillion yuan mark, in this year, China will surpass the United States to become the world’s largest electricity supplier market. According to Bain, an international consulting firm, predicts that China’s online shopping market is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of 32% in 2015 will reach $3 trillion and 300 billion. The iResearch is expected in 2013 the Chinese market is expected to grow by 42% in the year to 2016, the market size of the online shopping market will be more than $3 trillion and 600 billion.

China has nearly 600 million of Internet users, is the world’s largest Internet users in the country, which is the most important electricity supplier development of our soil, but also our greatest happiness. Coupled with China’s overall economy is still good for a long time, in the future can be expected, China’s largest electricity supplier status should not waver.

of course, the explosive growth of online shopping market size, but also thanks to the continuous innovation of the industry. Including Jingdong, Ali, including many of the electricity supplier companies, in the past ten years, has always been committed to providing the best online shopping services for the world’s online shopping users in china. Such as the Jingdong in 2010 the first "211" limit of service (at 11 in the morning before the order served on the day before 11 pm, 15 single day service) has become one of the world’s electricity supplier industry distribution service benchmark, greatly released online purchasing. Ali online payment innovation, but also for all to see.

large pattern has been set, moving undetermined

2013, for Jingdong is also of far-reaching significance. The company not only smooth the standard, registered users also break through the one hundred million mark, the transaction will be the first time exceeded 100 billion yuan, in the establishment of the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of a beautiful report card ten. In the case of increasing volume, Jingdong still maintained a two times the overall growth rate of the industry. In this year, we also completed the review of enterprise values, improve the system of building and management talents, ready for the Jingdong second ten years of sailing, it has injected new impetus.

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