B2B business platform to break the confusion to create an open operation is the key to success

with electronic commerce continued hot, B2B business platform is becoming more and more important, but as the business platform competition, want to do a similar comprehensive Alibaba like B2B business platform has been impossible, and with the Alibaba delisting, B2B business platform this kind of comprehensive seems to have been in decline now, the nature of the industry B2B platform is the wealth of second rapid growth! But want to improve the nature of the industry B2B platform, but there are still many problems to be a breakthrough, the author will first analyze several current confusion operation B2B business platform


A: supply and demand information is not high accuracy

is currently a lot of the nature of the industry B2B platform, its information content is often open, many members as long as the registration, you can publish the relevant business information on the website, but the accuracy of this information and how often this will give some unscrupulous can make nothing of it, businessman or enterprise cheat a possible, though these enterprises or merchants cheated, but because you have on this platform, and then you became an accomplice, these cheaters shot for a place, and you are iron barracks, eventually you this B2B business platform credibility decline


two: logistics can not keep up or not

even as Alibaba so powerful, even can provide the logistics system, but still can not summon wind and call for rain in the B2B platform, and finally had to face delisting, and for those small industry B2B business platform, cash flow, logistics and service simply can not keep up, the entire platform is filled with each of the company’s advertising, so the B2B platform can not become the booster of transactions between enterprises, more is to play the role of the market such as talent, is to choose a few days a week opening, there is a link between enterprises and employees of the specific transaction! So the service means backward, has become one of the difficulties of B2B platform for the development of


three: profit model single

B2B business platform profit model, usually through membership registration, or to provide important data for members, so as to obtain certain income, but this is the premise is very rich in their own B2B platform database, and under the enterprise member’s credibility is also very good, but also sales skills it is possible to obtain a very high profit, to know the Alibaba’s credibility, often criticized! And for the B2B business platform of common industry, if not perfect data as the basis, no good service as the backing, and how to achieve profitability?

is the case, want to break through the plight of the three methods above, is to carefully listen to the advice to business users, precipitation in these industries, understand the specific needs of the enterprise, and then in the B2B platform, to help them solve practical problems of network transactions and extend service to direct! Offline transactions, for business users to solve the faith.

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