Do Wangzhuan novice brothers misunderstanding summary undivided attention.

believes that before the new brothers do Wangzhuan, with many projects and contact in many aspects, but finally determine as own? Stand out? Is not like the monkey primary school textbooks the story in the book, see the lost watermelon, corn, of two minds! Analysis of your problems here:


, impatient

make money!! well, I who do not want to make money, no one does not want to make money. It is this mentality you, make you frustrated, impatient can not solve the problem, must have the strength for the job, thinking that. Some novice came near, they want to make money is not realistic, after all, this is an industry, "gehangrugeshan" the reason we all understand, not three two will be able to fix, to stay a long time to master its skills, light fantasy, will only make you run.

2, exclusive

often have a project to make money, followed, and the hands of the work is not done. Good is money but your goal is not stable, no major things, those items will be short, then come back and do, it will be very tired, there are two general recommendations to adhere to their own project to make an effort to achieve excellence, money is soon.

3, interest is not strong

everything is three minutes, over a period of time did not learn, not enough interest, interest is the best teacher, not force you to learn your scholarship, this effect is greatly reduced. Interest can be cultivated, into the only feel happy, because we are a team, a big family.

4, not willing to invest

want to light some unearned thing, pie in the sky thing. Entrepreneurship must be put into operation, a small investment in small returns, big investment returns, investment to choose, be careful!

5, can not adhere to

adhere to the effect, entrepreneurship is the same, experienced wind and rain is a common thing, we must have enough will, which is also based on individual circumstances, each situation is not the same. Give up halfway done, take out there is harvest, insisted that victory, the obvious example in the forum. ,

6, no target

One of the ways in which

aims to promote growth is that the novice is not up to a certain height, that is, there is no detailed plan, general, or general. There is only the direction of the target, there are plans to have a direction, there is a plan to have power, there is power to action, there will be successful action.

network entrepreneurship is not in the sea voyage, without direction, there is good guidance for, "the wise man saw someone hit head broken and bleeding think this thing you can’t do, should change a way of doing! Stupid people see people hit head broken and bleeding were considered as others do not.

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