Electronic business license or e-commerce will be the future direction of development

Beijing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced on its official website of the "on the implementation of the" promotion of informatization in Beijing city ordinance "to strengthen supervision and management of e-commerce" has caused the industry both positive and negative arguments can be said to have fun, each one airs his own views. All parties have good reasons. After careful analysis, I get the idea that the electronic business license will be the future direction of e-commerce.

The first

that: the introduction of regulatory measures is not in the promotion but in stifle information, C2C e-commerce as one of the five major Internet business model, is the era of information using the Internet for the benefit of society, the introduction of views, to set up a C2C e-commerce can not cross the threshold, the development of e-commerce is very unfavorable. No mention of the "opinions" unreasonable, that the credit cannot use administrative means to control fraud in social life since it exists, then there will be in the electronic commerce. Electronic commerce is the premise of existence with no reality whatever, it is rooted in the reality of our society. So that too much administrative intervention and the implementation of the administrative procedures for the post is too cumbersome and complicated, as well as the place of business and other issues back to the traditional, is not conducive to the development of the Internet era.

Affirmative think: at present, e-commerce is developing at a rapid speed with hitherto unknown, online trading activities in more and more popular at the same time, the corresponding problem is more and more outstanding. Online transactions in the authenticity of the information, the authenticity of the two sides of the transaction, the credit situation, payment security, after-sales service, logistics and other issues frequently exposed. This is also a matter of concern to the public Internet users, a direct impact on the confidence of Internet users online transactions. For administrative procedures, although some trouble, but strengthened the credibility and security of the internet. More conducive to regulate the behavior of online operators, e-commerce for the Internet to create a good e-commerce trading environment, but also provides a basis for national tax payment.

The problem of two party based on

Affirmative, stand on a different point of view, the total can see some practical problems. Standing in the operator’s point of view, I would like to hope that the simpler the better, do not need any conditions you can venture, nothing to restrict, the rest is how to run their own shop. From the consumer’s point of view, is the hope that as far as possible, some norms, there is no better than the norm is better. In fact, because of conditional constraints, resulting in a high threshold of entrepreneurship can not be sure that the existence of entrepreneurship, the relative development of e-commerce has some inhibition. But because there is no restriction of the true shop also led to consumers in the There are plenty of people who are.

get out of the analysis results is to solve two problems: first, to simplify the electronic commerce business administrative formalities, relaxed business premises, improve the e-commerce tax mechanism; two, improve the online credit and regulate e-commerce market. To solve these two problems, it is not impossible to solve, the key is how to simplify and standardize. Zhou Xinning believes that the implementation of electronic business license will be the future direction of the development of e-commerce, can be resolved from the foundation

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