Service industry B2C electricity supplier conjecture

recent B2C market is quite lively, because Suning and Jingdong had the so-called price war caused, and now has been making even the NDRC also involved.

today’s society, the rapid development of e-commerce, and many businesses have tasted the sweetness. The initial C2C shopping site to Taobao, for example, it is undeniable that many businesses make enough money. When consumers find, C2C shopping site of the water is too deep, it is easy to suffer in the inside, began to slowly look at the B2C shopping site. Consumers make electricity providers feel, perhaps, B2C is the real way out.

I am engaged in the service industry, sometimes can not help but think: production industry, do B2C e-commerce, the rationale should be, then, service-oriented industries, it is possible to develop B2C e-commerce?

a, "service", can be as a commodity transaction?

service industry has developed rapidly in recent years. As we all know, service-oriented industries, cooperation is achieved through the line, the network is achieved, it is only the propaganda of information. So, such cooperation can be achieved online service, can be traded as a commodity online?

1, if the service can be used as a commodity trading, the way should be what kind of? We all know that the goods online transactions, is divided into two kinds: one is the first payment, merchants to send out the goods; the two is cash on delivery. If the service as a commodity like this transaction, the transaction process is entirely online, is it more convenient.

2, if the service can be used as a commodity trading, or C2C achieve it through the realization of B2C? C2C in the case of Taobao, taobao.com only provide a trading platform itself does not provide goods for sale, can not provide guarantees on the quality of "commodity", in this case, as a service to sell goods, can not be achieved. Then B2C? In the case of suning.com, Suning Appliance is the store, there is also an online store, thus ensuring the quality of the goods, if the service industry to achieve a deal by B2C, ensures the quality of service, it is possible to realize their business through electronic business.

two, service industry involving e-commerce, what are the advantages and disadvantages of


1, advantages: convenient, fast.

service industry through the store, to ensure the quality of service, the lifting of customer concerns, then his e-commerce business, you can get the trust of customers. In this way, when a series of cooperation, through the realization of the online, let the cooperation between the different regions, become more convenient; at the same time, through online payment, eliminating the inconvenience of payment.

2, disadvantages: difficult to achieve.

traditional commodity online transactions, the reason why the trouble can be removed from the region, because the goods can be sent by mail, the form of goods to the hands of customers. But the service industry, not the product, but the service, Service >

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