The new model of e-commerce with unlimited shelves

with cool days closed hot, the electronic commerce corps have said a lot of pressure. In addition to Taobao recently by the impact of the new regulations, Pat has been waiting in the wings to make C2C increasingly intense competition. "There will be contention of a hundred schools of thought" the era of new ideas and cultural values emerge. As China e-commerce, although in the early stages of development, has been brewing all kinds have been optimistic about the prospect of operation.

Jingdong industry direct B2C platform is a step. In the China B2C market Taobao mall, excellence and Dangdang giants like the power of the situation, Liu Qiangdong smiling without a word. Precise positioning, bold innovation, leveraging the capital, the rapid expansion of the play is a speed.

Independent brand products

where the customer is a breakthrough. Network and plane advertising overwhelming, to drive the sales means, wow. Take the brand culture of the old man with his team planning a low-key blueprint for tomorrow. For when earnings, citing "Huo Yuanjia" in the line is: in the next year, PPG brand CEOs speechless passing.

and Newegg, Mcglaughlin, red boy, good music to buy, wheat bags, one shop of this kind of B2C e-commerce platform, is the inevitable product of the development of electronic commerce. According to Baidu statistics, in 2010 Q1 e-commerce website brand word search volume grew by 45%, users of e-commerce website brand awareness and loyalty in the improvement. This innovative brand is being swallowed and developed their existing market share.

e-commerce innovation belongs to the improvement of the industrial chain. Traditional B2C2C only provides trading platform, play a role in the media. The emergence of vertical shopping sites such as Jingdong, so that the media associated with suppliers. Where the independent brand and platform, homegrown, combining media and supply, is a milepost in the field of electronic commerce.

in the face of China’s booming e-commerce, innovation can make it more violent, Yiwu, an e-commerce company to develop an unlimited shelf client software.

what is an infinite shelf?

traditional store space is limited, can be placed on the shelves of goods are limited, and unlimited shelf client is based on the concept of unlimited shelf space and the special development of shelf software.

the software is facing the C store business. Businesses just one computer, download unlimited shelf client software, you can easily browse tens of thousands of beautifully placed on the shelf products. Unlimited expansion of the shelf space for the business can greatly enrich the needs of consumers, triggering the desire to buy, there is always a".

at the same time, some shop mall this software has been applied to Yiwu, and many were optimistic about the store shopkeeper. Infinite shelf slowly began to red in Yiwu. A company called F9696 toys wholesale network responsible person spotted opportunities, buying ownership of the software failed, then reached its cooperation, the use of "infinite shelf" advantage. Develop more channels

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