SAC interpretation of the real name of the shop system online shopping credentials can be rights

The Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related service management

the State Administration for Industry and commerce departments responsible for the day before the April 2nd published "(Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures") in an interview with reporters, according to the draft, the natural person online shop to submit false information, consumers can purchase goods rights, under the jurisdiction of the local business sector to website operators.

real name registration – natural person online shop to submit real information

in the online shop crowd, some are students and other natural persons. The provisions of the interim measures, natural persons engaged in commodity trading and related services through the network, the operators shall apply to the online trading platform service, submit the name and address of the real identity information. With the conditions of registration, the registration of industrial and commercial registration.

operators to provide online trading platform service should take the data backup and fault recovery techniques to ensure the integrity and safety of network transaction data and materials, and shall ensure the authenticity of the original data.

protects privacy – consumer information must not be disclosed to third parties

online theft of personal information of consumers for resale, the problems, the provisions of the Interim Measures for the collection of consumer information network operators and network service providers, responsible for the safekeeping, reasonable use, possession and properly destroy the obligation period; and the product and service provider shall not collect irrelevant information to proper use, shall not be disclosed, rental and sale. Except as otherwise provided by laws and administrative regulations.

The operators of the network trading platform services provided by

shall take the necessary measures to protect the security of the data information concerning the business secrets or personal information of the operators. The parties consent shall not disclose to any third party, transfer, use or sale of the parties to the transaction list, transaction records and other relevant business secrets or personal information data, but the laws and administrative regulations except.

online rights: electronic purchase receipts can be based on complaints

network operators and network service providers to provide electronic format of the terms of the contract should be reasonable and significant way to draw the attention of consumers and consumer rights are important terms, and in accordance with the requirements of consumers on the terms described. It is not allowed to make unfair and unreasonable provisions to consumers in the form of electronic contract terms, or to reduce or exempt the obligations and liabilities of the operators, or to eliminate or restrict the main rights of consumers.

consumers require network operators and network service providers issue a purchase or service voucher, the operator shall be issued. Issue a purchase or service voucher to consumers, shall be in accordance with relevant state regulations or commercial practices; consent of consumers, can be issued in electronic form. Electronic purchase or service voucher can be used as the basis for handling consumer complaints.


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