Download station profit model Earn 10000 yuan is not blowing

with the computer into millions of households, with the rapid development of the network, the use of computers is also more widely. Installed computer system, like a piece of open space, in this space, we have to plan it to design it, it is better for us to serve. No matter what we do, we have a number in mind. We can use the computer to surf the Internet, do the picture design, do the electronic commerce, even substitute for some of the work we do, can work, can also play games, listen to music, watching movies. This is inseparable from the network and resource download. This time, there is a kind of resource download site.

as a download, especially free download station, how to get a return from the service for the users? Some say download station advertising, so, I can certainly tell you, these ads for these resources download station webmaster, is only scanty. The money to make money is earned from the experience of users.

I download the file through a specific analysis of the process under which the mystery. When a users need a software, to Baidu search for "the name of the software," Baidu list appears a lot about the related software download software, at this time, the user clicks into one website, this website will have a flow, at this time, "often pop up a new the window, this is the so-called pop ads, as long as the bomb, the webmaster has a revenue (almost 4 yuan per 1000); there are some active for the visitors to click on advertisements on the page, there is a common Google advertising alliance (is our common" ads provided by Google, Baidu alliance ") (Baidu theme promotion) and other affiliate advertising, these ads are just click, basically have a small income, less a bit more than a few dollars; when you start to download a lot of information. Source download station set up a trap, but also after you click a file to download, but you are not to download the file you want, this is the website promotion software, if you do not install the download is OK, if you install, owners have an income (at least one installation a 0.05 yuan); when you download, the so-called special link selection, at this time, the webmaster income began, now many people have love with the thunder download files or express software, when you download, click special chain carrier, at this time, there is the webmaster the special chain revenue, almost every 1000 times is 5 yuan. File download finished, all right? No, you just download finished sometimes webmasters can earn money! Do not believe? Well, you can watch, you download the document format is not many of them are compressed file format? Why is this? Is easy to download exe format directly? You can also download ah! Or package to download multiple files? Are they? That is easy to download as it is on the one hand, that file, download package is on the one hand, but may you do not think, is advertising, you didn’t see what advertising.

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