Demon stock no longer demon and play it

(original title: Demon stock no longer demon, still play it)


today (December 8th), specialize sale site ushered in the 8 anniversary, a wave of time will be "sale" seckill, plus festive effects. However, in recent years, has not caused the industry to discuss the 12.8, but the share price plummeted, fake scandals and rumors of mergers and acquisitions.

things like this.

November 13th, released the results of the early warning, the third quarter of 2015 revenue of $8 billion 600 million – $8 billion 700 million, to the middle value, an increase of 62%, an increase of more than expected annual growth rate of 71% – 74%. The stock price drop to $13.60, down 26.96%. A few days later shares fell continuously, even more media reports in thriller, evaporation within 9 days of 37 billion yuan.

then, November 17th, since the media has in micro-blog, WeChat and other channels called, "the Tencent announced the acquisition, investment or strategic stake in" tomorrow, more outrageous and broke the news, "the Tencent intends to strategic investment to privatization, years after the strategic emerging version listed." On these rumors, said it denied, while Tencent said it declined to comment. Today, half a month later, Tencent investment nothing to do.

bad news. In November 25th, a " myth end: suspected of selling counterfeit luxury goods" reported that suspected of selling counterfeit Swiss watches, is called "the dawn of the industry" the company provides false supply for the platform, and sold on the platform. denied that, and "the dawn of the industry said he had never had any business cooperation, authorization by the sale of goods are displayed on the website.

just one month, was pushed in the teeth of the storm rumors. There are no waves without wind., is facing challenges after the price peak, is an indisputable reality.

from bleeding to the demon shares

March 23, 2012, chill entirely, warming takes stock yet from the beginning of the second half of 2011 the crisis of confidence. This day, successfully listed on the NYSE, the first day of opening the break, finally closed at $5.5, the issue price fell 15.38%.

for a time, bleeding listed almost become the industry joke. You know, IPO price of only $6.5, has been announced when compared to the roadshow price range of $8.5-10.5 down by 23.5%. The minimum financing plan financing $70 million, were discounted shrink.

did not return to the issue price of $6.5 until mid September 2012, and then spent a year at $

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