The domain name is t is without rhyme or reason. is a con within a con or because the spark a confl

domain name is It is without rhyme or reason. is a con within a con or because the spark a conflict accidentally

brothers! Do stand is not easy ah, buy space and domain name should also pay attention to ah, how should we choose? The following is a lesson!

I mixed

network for several years, although still a boor, but I have some things to tell me solemnly a little, don’t be fooled. I surf the Internet today, have a relatively good friends and I said so, (I often chat with him on the Internet), said that he had a monthly earn tens of thousands of domain names are you, every day thousands of Baidu search IP! (PW station the IP advertising links, tens of thousands of monthly income have this value, as can be imagined a Baidu people ah) but the price of IP, high to dozens of members, I was not bragging, psychological well,

let’s go to see our dialogue.

I asked: how is your domain name to be transferred ah, is not his agent? Find someone to register it?

he said, "Yeah, I’m a gold agent,


I asked: confused me! How can the gold medal agent be transferred? To turn is also know to turn ah, how do you do not want to come back?

he said: or, they have put the domain name to go somewhere else! (Note: the earth all know! The domain name to go to other places, there is no chance! Only watched the money flow off people earn tens of thousands! For he is really poor ah, steal the domain of hate look at him! ")

I said: don’t you call your agent of the server consulting, look at what is going on?

he said: have played, or come back,

I said: Admin5 may help you ah, it should be clear! I said I doubt you are taking space as ah, or a con within a con, but a domain name is not so simple thing, the process is really trouble ah, I want to sell the last registered domain name, has been talking about okay, or later because of the transfer process, cancel the transaction


he said: come on! Re do a


actually I understand his meaning! Do it information station, who dare to use his real name. In case of true registration information, what problem, network to find the door, who are afraid of trouble! But with false registration information, if it wants to turn back, the domain name is really difficult ah, if you convince the service business, here refers to the agent (gold agent himself is XX space


(XX space agency in the country or very famous, their space for illegal space for) not to offend people, so do not write up!) if there is no support to you, want to turn out more difficult, in the end who is wrong? Well….

hope that through these things, can give you a hint, the time domain name registration is true, it does not matter, just don’t Scribble, domain name >

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