End of the community to complete the domain name conversion tianya.cn successfully enabled

Domain name is the Internet business card. Replace the domain, which means a re shuffle to years of brand management, customer relationship, a mistake may bring a devastating blow. Therefore, although the domain name disputes have occurred, but few companies dare to take the initiative to change the domain name, rather than in the long search for a slim chance of survival in litigation.

, Tianya officially opened the tianya.cn domain name from November 1, 2005, held in Beijing in November 8th this change press conference, to November 15th, the domain name was officially opened 15 days, officially released a week later, the original traffic has been successfully Tianya by tianyaclub.com switch to tianya.cn.

according to the statistics agency Alexa data released before the domain name change tianyaclub.com ranking in the global website in 118, Tianya officially released the tianya.cn domain name after a week, November 15th tianya.cn, the global rankings for 104 weeks, when the average tianya.cn ranked 111. From the above data, Tianya community has successfully completed the replacement of the domain name.


Tianya according to the relevant responsible person said that at present the new domain name tianya.cn successfully enabled, as a normal operation of the enterprises will focus on the main business, to create global Chinese online home". "For some of the false statements on the Internet as well as the media, the company will not respond one by one, we believe that rumors stop wise, fair and free people. The domain name dispute has entered the normal judicial process, we believe that the law will make a fair judgment."

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